Get to know: GSA Region 3 – Mid-Atlantic

This story is part of Federal News Network’s ongoing series: GSA @ 70: Mission evolved

The General Services Administration’s Region 3 manages approximately 90 federally owned buildings and 700 leases in Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia and West Virginia. It was created in 1979 from field offices of the GSA National Capital Region, “to establish a closer presence and better serve our clients in the Mid-Atlantic area,” according to the agency.

Joyce Haas, GSA Region 3, General Services Administration
Joyce Haas, GSA Region 3 administrator

Regional Administrator Joyce Haas: How has the region changed over its history?

“The development of the computer, the internet, and communication in general has had more influence than anything else over the years … The role of the regional administrator has been transformed, with the region’s services and staff offices now working together to manage budgets, contracts, hiring, and projects.

“Our commitment to saving lease costs and promoting collaboration among employees is obvious to anyone who visits one of our newer office spaces, which are designed with open space efficiency. Every employee I’ve met in the Mid-Atlantic Region is dedicated to the mission of providing the best services at the best prices for the American people.”

Then and now

The photo at the left shows a GSA employee at her desk in 1986, while the image on the right is from The Region 3 office in Philadelphia today. Region 3 has occupied this work space since 2015.

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