Trusted Internet Connection

The Trusted Internet Connection initiative has been emanating from the Office of Management and Budget for a year now.

Its purpose: to reduce the number of federal connections to the internet, called points of presence, from 8,000 to 100.

There’s still a year to go before agencies are supposed to have this done.

It’s a little like musical chairs. No agency or department can have more than 2 points of presence. That means for everyone to stay connected, agencies are going to have to share. But the payoff will be much better security for the POP’s that remain. And agencies need not worry about bandwidth. No web site will be harmed in this effort.

In this week’s Federal Security Spotlight, we talk to Danny Toler of the State Department, one of the people guiding the TIC initiative through the federal government.

He has experience, because the State Department, with its embassies and consulates all over the world, was already on a path of improving security by reducing the number of pipes into the internet.