DorobekInsider: Most read DorobekInsider and Federal News Radio 1500 AM Daily Debrief items for the second week of July 2009

The most read items on DorobekInsider and on Federal News Radio 1500 AM’s Daily Debrief with Chris Dorobek and Amy Morris for the second week of July̷...

The most read items on DorobekInsider and on Federal News Radio 1500 AM’s Daily Debrief with Chris Dorobek and Amy Morris for the second week of July… I also have some of my favorite investivews of the past week at the bottom…

First… for the DorobekInsider:

  1. DorobekInsider: contractor Smartronix speaks — in a statement
  2. DorobekInsider: The real story behind the contract: The need for govt contracting trans
  3. DorobekInsider: The Recovery Board speaks out on the contract award
  4. DorobekInsider: Learning more about Transportation Department CIO Nitin Pradham
  5. DorobekInsider: Most read items for the first week of July
  6. DorobekInsider: Recovery Board responds to questions — and even posts the statement of work
  7. DorobekInsider: The celebration of the Summer of Gov (2.0)
  8. DorobekInsider: Recovery Board – and vendor – get pressure on transparency
  9. DorobekInsider: New DOT CFO nominee… and a possible DOT CIO nominee
  10. DorobekInsider: ACT/IAC hires former 1105er Kristyn Rivellese for events post
  11. DorobekInsider: 45 VA programs under temporary stop order pending fixes
  12. DorobekInsider: Ed DeSeve to join the Obama administration
  13. DorobekInsider: A picture worth almost 1,000 words – Obama and the IT dashboard
  14. DorobekInsider: UPDATED date for the (barely) July Federal News Radio Book Club book: Payback: Reapi
  15. DorobekInsider: Hey funny guy — Uncle Sam wants YOU! No, really… UPDATE: Treaury’s Bureau of Public Debt eventually cancelled this contract. Read the updated notice on FedBizOps here… or the Associated Press story here.
  16. DorobekInsider: Coming and going – A new DOT CIO (mostly confirmed), Frank Puglese, former SSA CIO joins CSC
  17. Is the Economist’s CQ marriage official?
  18. Catching up on the past week while I was away — dashboards, salaries, and
  19. DorobekInsider: Management of Change panel: The changing role of the CIO – the liner notes
  20. DorobekInsider: GSA’s Dorris, Army’s Sorenson, HP’s Hempfield earn AFCEA Bethesda
  21. DorobekInsider: GSA names Danielle Germain as chief of staff
  22. Hear the July 2009 Federal News Radio Book Club meeting – Fired Up or Burn
  23. DorobekInsider: Cyber-attack 2009 – what does it mean?
  24. Congratulations on the wedding of Bob Suda and Joanne Connelly
  25. DorobekInsider: The new TSA CIO — Emma Garrison-Alexander
  26. The DorobekInsider returns… and the most read items for June 2009
  27. DorobekInsider: The real story behind the contract: The lack of transparency in contracting
  28. DorobekInsider: ConnellyWorks scores a coup hiring ACT/IAC’s Kelly Olson
  29. Jerry Williams to take the HUD CIO helm
  30. DorobekInsider: Leadership changes at Government Executive – Dunie takes the reins, Vito shift
  31. DorobekInsider weekend extra: Mintz: What I Did For My Summer Vacation

The most read and listed to items from Federal NewsRAdio 1500 AM’s Daily Debrief with Chris Dorobek and Amy Morris for the second week of July 2009:

  1. TSP Talk: Where is the market going?
  2. Defense Business Board releases NSPS recommendations
  3. Will the Senate cure the ‘FERS flu’?
  4. Energy Department CFO talks about the agency’s plans for stimulus dollars
  5. Taking a long look at NSPS
  6. Meet the Innovators: Vint Cerf Part II
  7. TSP Talk: Tobacco Bill signed into law
  8. Recovery Board speaks about contract
  9. Update: Sunlight Foundation’s bid on
  10. Concerns about contract
  11. Analysis: controversy
  12. Learning about the Federal Service Student Ambassador Program
  13. Connecting dashboards to performance
  14. Should Alaskan native corps. get special considerations?
  15. Update: NTSB releases recommendations for Metro
  16. In case of emergency, read blog
  17. Happy Birthday, GovLoop!
  18. IRS pushes for online filing
  19. Benefits for domestic partners of federal workers?
  20. Career fair coming next week
  21. Happy Birthday, Smokey!
  22. Update: Cloud computing conference
  23. The trouble with Web 2.0 . . .
  24. Drupal and the ‘Decade of Data’
  25. GAO: Personnel Security Clearances backlog a problem
  26. A possible cure for the FERS flu?
  27. GAO: Security problems abound throughout FPS
  28. Meet the Innovators: DAU’s Mark Oehlert
  29. National Data Catalogue launched by Sunlight Foundation
  30. Monday Afternoon Newsstand
  31. AFGE speaks out against NSPS
  32. How a wiki is helping the Open Government Initiative
  33. Go to the 14th annual Excellence in Government Conference
  34. Celebrating the 40th anniversary of Apollo 11
  35. DoD, VA update House on shared health info
  36. Update: Dependents of feds health care benefits
  37. Report seeks to help gov’t. better manage performance
  38. New SES survey released
  39. Dashboards: coming soon to an agency near you?
  40. Proposed Budget Would Limit Raises in 2010
  41. No COLA for federal retirees?
  42. Congresswoman: DHS’s NPPD deserves recognition
  43. New Jobs for young people at PPS
  44. The Making a Difference Federal Internship Program
  45. Causey on Pay-for-Performance
  46. Update: Smartronix wins redesign contract
  47. Past, Present and Future at GSA
  48. Breaking Down the BearingPoint Bankruptcy
  49. Committed to E-Verify?

A few editor’s favorites from the week:

* Vint Cerf: Getting to talk to one of the people who helped create the Internet was such a treat, but… he was even better then I had hoped talking about government innovation. Hear that here… and hear all of Federal News Radio 1500 AM’s Meet the Innovator series here.

* The Recovery Board contract award: We had a numer of interviews about the Recovery Board’s $9.5 million contact to Smartronics for the new Web site, which created much controversy. Recovery Board Chairman Earl Devaney was on Federal News Radio talking about the process… and GSA’s acting chief acquisition officer David Drabkin, who led the acquisition process. We also spoke to Venable’s Robert Burton, the former OFPP administrator, and OMB Watch.

* Other items through the week… Energy Department’s CFO talking about the challenges in processing all those stimulus dollarsHappy Birthday Smoky Bear!… the Sunlight Foundation’s announcement of the National Data Catalog, which will pull goether all the data — plus much more… and a good cautionary warning that we should move slowly with all that Web 2.0 hype from somebody who believes in Web 2.0…

Over all, not a bad week.

On to the third week in July…

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