E-Verify: ready, willing and able?


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Ratliff also says that with a recent hardware upgrade now complete, E-Verify is now capable of processing more than 60 million verification requests electronically, with appeals and reviews handled manually by DHS staff,

Rust says that with the financial help of DHS, the Social Security System was recently able to set up an independent server that handles all of the E-Verify requests relayed by DHS computers. This, he says will keep the E-Verify demands from compromising mission-critical systems at SSA.

Subcommittee members expressed an interest in expanding the already popular system to even more employers, but Ratliff says any expansion in the pool of employers who use E-Verify most likely will require additional staff, resources and funding, authorized by Congress.

Chairwoman Watson said that her subcommittee will explore the means to fund an expansion of E-verify if and when the need to support additional system capacity is mandated.

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