DorobekInsider: Most read stories Nov. 22-28 on the DorobekInsider, the DailyDebrief, and

A quiet Thanksgiving week, but… the most read stories from the week of Nov. 22-28, 2009…

…from the

  1. DorobekInsider EXCLUSIVE: USDA undertakes extensive management reorg – downgrading the CIO, CFO … Despite this item getting the most traffic, the most updated news — at number four on this list and posted on DorobekInsider last week, is thatUSDA has been given permission for buy outs. Read the memo hereHear Federal News Radio’s Jason Miller with more here
  2. DorobekInsider: USDA gets push back on massive management reorg, GovExec reports; USDA remains silent
  3. DorobekInsider: NYT covers concern over Scientology’s buy of Governing
  4. DorobekInsider: USDA gets approval for employee buy outs from OPM as mega-management reorg continues
  5. DorobekInsider: Gov 2.0 moves beyond ’social media’ — and why it’s more than a senantic question
  6. DorobekInsider: What you read for the week of Nov. 15-21 on DorobekInsider, Daily Debrief, and
  7. DorobekInsider: USDA officials offer more details on management reorganization
  8. DorobekInsider: BREAKING – Government Technology parent buys Governing magazine
  9. DorobekInsider: USDA gets early out approval from OPM as mega-management reorg continues
  10. DorobekInsider: And it’s official — Gordon nominated to OFPP post, who has now been confirmed by the Senate [FCW]
  11. DorobekInsider: The books of IAC’s Executive Leadership Conference — books worth reading — including If We Can Put a Man on the Moon: Getting Big Things Done in Government by William Eggers and John O’Leary, who we spoke to on Federal News Radio on the release date of the book. Read more and hear our conversation with Eggers here… also Enterprise 2.0: New Collaborative Tools for Your Organization’s Toughest Challenges by Harvard Business School Prof. Andrew McAfee, which is ‘officially’ released on Tuesday… and we will talk to him on the Daily Debrief on Tuesday.
  12. DorobekInsider: OMB hires performance guru Shelley Metzenbaum

from the Daily Debrief with Chris Dorobek and Amy Morris

  1. Tuesday Afternoon Federal Newscast
  2. Participants borrow less from their TSP accounts
  3. How to avoid getting into trouble while shopping online at work
  4. Your Turn sneak peak – why you should plan on tuning in
  5. New best practices at U.S. Patent and Trademark Office save time, taxpayer dollars
  6. USDA’s Donald Sanders discusses employee reorganization
  7. Examining the role of China in U.S. cybersecurity policy
  8. Friday Afternoon Federal Newscast
  9. Learning more about USDA’s employee buyout
  10. Monday Afternoon Federal Newscast
  11. NRC negotiates new contract with NTEU
  12. New report: alternative energy methods key to securing troops on battlefield
  13. Tech trends present greatest threat to federal agencies
  14. Wednesday Afternoon Federal Newscast
  15. How the USO is helping the troops – and what you can do to lend a hand
  16. TSP continues success; memo details participant behavior
  17. OPM rolls out new plan to deal with snow days
  18. Details about NSA cyberattack during Bush administration revealed
  19. Will House healthcare bill affect the Federal Employee Health Benefits Program?
  20. Study suggests agencies are struggling with transparency
  21. launches version 2.0
  22. DARPA Network Challenge
  23. Sneak peak: Does the FPS have what it needs to get the job done?
  24. NOAA modernizes processes while going green
  25. Preview: Va. official reflects on BRAC changes during his term
  26. GovLoop launches ‘Awesome Gov Fund’
  27. Congressman calls for hearings about federal LTC insurance premium hikes
  28. WiRE tool helps managers, agencies with risk evaluation
  29. Lawmakers continue to discuss turning unused sick leave into TSP dollars
  30. Sneak peak: One of the toughest challenges for CHCOs
  31. How federal agencies can move into cloud computing
  32. New book details challenges of Web 2.0 usage across the globe
  33. New book highlights how to get things done in government
  34. New group of federal executives aims for more shared services
  35. How agencies can defend themselves against cyber attacks
  36. Former ODNI CIO Meyerrose talks about cybersecurity’s future
  37. WTOP’s Mark Segraves on patrol with the U.S. Coast Guard
  38. McAfee, Northrop Grumman partner to work on Host Based Security System
  39. Analysis: Immigration reform and border security
  40. Feds, agencies not taking advantage of teleworking opportunities
  41. Your Turn preview: A pay raise in your future?
  42. Analysis: GAO’s Dan Gordon nominated as OFPP Administrator
  43. Neustar details new cyberattack method
  44. Nominee to be TSA administrator testifies before Senate
  45. Analysis: 4th annual National Leadership Index released
  46. Sen. Brownback asks for Air Force to revise Tanker Request for Proposal
  47. H1N1 reaction: lessons learned
  48. Preview: OPM Director Berry tells Federal News Radio about goals

and from

  1. Virginia Governor calls BRAC an ‘amazing mixture’ of news
  2. Rank-and-file FPS officers speak out on federal facility security woes
  3. Intelligence Community plans workforce of the future
  4. GSA leases new space to begin modernization
  5. Salary Council suggests locality pay increase for 2011
  6. White House cuts federal pay raise
  7. GSA headquarters to become model green building
  8. GSA to update the acquisition career management system
  9. Another LTC “error” affects 70,000 federal workers
  10. Social Security disability claims progress threatened by state furloughs
  11. GSA, DHS ready RFPs for Security LOB
  12. Federal shared services effort gets push from new executive forum
  13. Intelligence Community plans future workforce for changing future
  14. CIO, CHCO councils developing cybersecurity workforce models
  15. OPM Director Berry offers peek at the future of the federal personnel agency
  16. Federal News Radio Reports
  17. Senate committee increases civilian pay raise to 2.9 percent for 2010
  18. NSPS another step closer to ending; FERS ‘flu’ cure a “done deal”
  19. How to work around FEHBP’s fewer choices and higher costs
  20. Some insurance companies leave Federal Employee Health Benefits Plan as Open Season approaches
  21. GSA gives agencies drop-dead date for Networx transition
  22. House panel uncovers surprise on fed building security
  23. TSA, OMB nominees approved in committee
  24. Feds strike a blow for teleworking
  25. OMB to hold senior officials more accountable for government waste
  26. House committee does not address civilian pay raise for 2010
  27. DARPA is a groundbreaking agency — again
  28. Senate: Con artists are using stimulus scams to fleece citizens
  29. Transition out of NSPS begins
  30. TSP Roth 401(k) option: A history
  31. DoD makes NSPS pay raise equal to GS employees
  32. NSPS over and FERS Flu cured, Senate Passes Defense Authorization Bill
  33. DoD IT experts open up about cloud deployment
  34. OPM’s Berry deals out first set of civil service reform suggestions
  35. Army to lead consolidation of approved products lists
  36. Insourcing debate heats up over agencies stealing employees
  37. Former President of the National Active and Retired Federal Employees Association dies
  38. DHS to host industry day for Security LOB
  39. OMB taking IT LOB to the cloud
  40. House panel revisits security problems with Federal Protective Service
  41. DoD’s Bob Lentz to retire
  42. Maryland: the ‘Silicon Valley’ of Cybersecurity?
  43. Is GSA reducing the number of e-travel providers?
  44. GSA releases FY 2010 per diem rates
  45. DoD makes it official: FCS is cancelled
  46. The end for NSPS?
  47. GSA seeks to green all that it touches
  48. Justice, NSC lead review of cyber laws
  49. House panel casts leery eye toward TSP mutual fund option
  50. In search of cybersecurity watchdogs