Improper payments getting scrutiny at Federal agencies

From “White House tells agencies to use data analysis to reduce improper payments” by Jason Miller on

“The Obama administration is attacking the $100 billion improper payments problem on yet another front.

“Along with expanding the use of recovery audits by vendors, the White House now is focusing more attention on the agency processes.

“President Barack Obama Friday signed a memo requiring agencies ‘to review current pre-payment and pre-award procedures and ensure that a thorough review of available databases with relevant information on eligibility occurs before the release of any federal funds.’

“These databases now are known as the ‘Do Not Pay List.’ The Office of Management and Budget must provide the White House a plan for further integration of these disparate databases by mid-October.”

I played highlights of the media event with Vice President Biden and OMB Director Peter Orszag. You can hear the entire event by clicking the audio link.