DHS completes Bottom-up Review

By Max Cacas
Federal News Radio

The Department of Homeland Security has completed, and sent to Congress, a report evaluating the effectiveness of agency programs, and evaluating whether they match the agency’s mission.

David Heyman, assistant secretary for policy at DHS, says the Bottom-Up Review, as it is called, is part of a deliberate, Congressionally-mandated process for doing long-range planning at the mega-agency tasked with protecting the nation’s security.

The Bottom-Up Review is the second phase of a three-phase process starting with the Quadrennial Homeland Security Review that we initiated over the past year, and that we submitted to Congress at the beginning of this year.

In a teleconference with reporters last Friday, Heyman outlined the four goals of the DHS Bottom-up Review.

“One, is to evaluate or gauge how well current activities and departmental organization align with those mission priorities and goals. Two, to identify budget and programmatical alignment. Three, to identify areas of improved mission performance. And four, it’s to prioritize initiatives in order to strengthen existing performance.”

With the Bottom-up Review now in the books, the final step in DHS’s long-range planning will be a document with the unwieldy title of “the Fiscal Year 2012-2016 Future Years Homeland Security Program”, or FYHSP. That document is expected to be submitted along with the President’s budget sometime next February.

Department of Homeland Security :Bottom-up Review Report (July 1020) (Note: this is a 72-page Adobe PDF document.)

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