IRS’s Victor Juarez named ‘best dressed fed’

Victor Juarez of the Internal Revenue Service (Philadelphia Service Center Campus) has been named the ‘best dressed fed’ by Federal News Radio listeners and readers. The poll was part of Federal News Radio’s first annual Best of the Federal Government series.

Juarez took 39 percent of the vote. Master Sergeant Norm Albertsen of the Nevada Air National Guard came in second place with 29 percent of the vote. Followed by Steven Calvery of the Pentagon Force Protection Agency (17 percent), Laura Martin, Internal Revenue Service, Brookhaven Campus (11 percent), and Jay Krasnow, National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (4 percent).

As one nominator put it, “He [Juarez] arrives to the office every day dressed as though he just stepped out of GQ magazine. We have not seen him with a hair out of place. There are no casual Fridays for him.”

View photos of all five nominees here.

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