Davies: Mobile computing revolution just beginning

Walk down the hall at your agency, and you’ll experience the mobile revolution. Smartphones, tablet computers, and other mobile devices are everywhere, and agency CIOs are starting to give in to demands to get some of these devices on the agency network.

Ted Davies, President of Federal Systems for Unisys, sees the revolution when he works with his Federal customers. “It’s something that every agency has – a big portion of its workforce not sitting in buildings right now,” Ted told me on Industry Chatter today. “Think about the world ten or fifteen years ago, before cell phones were as predominant as they are today. Trying to connect with a mobile workforce was difficult. They had to go to a pay phone to check in. [Now] cellphones are ubiquitous, and they can connect immediately via the cellphone. Now you’re in a world where they can check their emails from anywhere in the world.”

Having all those people carrying around their network entry points is still making tech people nervous, and Ted can understand why. “I don’t think that every security vulnerability has been addressed yet, but there’s a lot of progress being made, and I think over the next year or so, you’re going to see wider-spread adoption of these devices.”

We talked about the solutions to make mobile computing safe; the evolution of understanding about cloud computing; and OMB’s 25-point plan and how to make it work for your agency.


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