Performance symposium no longer just for DoD

JD Sicilia, DOD and Rosye Cloud, Performance Improvement Council

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By Vyomika Jairam
Federal News Radio

The Department of Defense’s performance symposium is going federal this year! Federal government-wide that is. This year, the DoD has partnered with the Performance Improvement Council to expand the symposium to include speakers and attendees from across the federal government.

While non-DoD feds were always welcome, JD Sicilia, director of Strategic Management and Performance at the DoD said this year, they decided to “formally invite” performance officers from around the federal sphere.

The symposium, Sicilia said, was “supposed to be the culmination of a lot of success that the performance management experts have achieved over the year. But even within our own organization, we needed a better way to communicate that, and to share and to network. So once a year we get together, and we give some demonstrations of lessons learned, problems solved and best in class techniques.”

DoD was careful to not make the symposium DoD-centric this year. Topics and speakers were selected to easily translate across defense and domestic policy areas, Rosye Cloud, director of the Performance Improvement Council said.

“We balanced the portfolio across all the agencies so that everybody in attendance could see themselves, they could also see the unique-ness of their environment represented, but also be exposed to how individuals in sensitive, resource-constrained environments are taking initiative and creating wonderful outcomes for their constituencies,” Cloud said.

The symposium will also include the Performance Bowl, where teams compete in a day-long event to find a solution to a case study. The winning team’s prize? “Bragging rights!” Sicilia said.

For Sicilia, the goal of the symposium is for every attendee to walk away with potential solutions for a problem their organization is facing. Cloud wants participants to realize that innovation is possible, and through interaction with leaders who are engaged in innovation and rapid, responsible problem solving, be able to apply that in their own organization.

The event is June 27-31 at the National Conference Center in Lansdowne, VA. More information and to register, visit the available conference website and enter code federal2011.


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