After 9/11, reorganization U.S. Coast Guard’s ongoing mission

Coast Guard Commandant Adm. Robert Papp, USCG

wfedstaff |

Few agencies were more profoundly changed by the 9/11 attacks than the Coast Guard.

Faced with a renewed mission to protect the homeland through port security, the service was one of the 22 agencies to be folded into the Homeland Security Department.

In a wide-ranging interview as part of Federal News Radio’s ongoing coverage of “9/11: A Government Changed”, Coast Guard Commandant Adm. Robert Papp discussed the service’s budgets, priorities, ships and people.

Perhaps most important, he said, the Coast Guard really needed Congress to pass an authorization bill, so the rebuilding could continue — which Congress did eventually do.

“I’m really happy to report that we did get that bill from Congress,” he said. “We have locked our organization into place and are moving ahead now with some other needed reviews and efforts to prepare us to better serve the country.”


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