In Depth interviews – June 14

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Today’s guests:

Army Secretary John McHugh

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The Army is celebrating its 237th birthday today. The United States Army was founded on this day in 1775. Army leaders are celebrating with a number of events all week long, beginning with a kickoff event at the tomb of Gen. George Washington at Mount Vernon.

Army Secretary John McHugh is one of the leaders who’s celebrating today. During McHugh’s tenure as Army secretary, he’s overseen two previous birthday celebration. He discusses if this year’s celebration, coming as it does amid budget constraints at the Defense Department, makes the celebrating any different.

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Tom TeminFederal News Radio anchor/commentator

Tom Temin, the host of Federal News Radio’s Federal Drive, has been following all the latest developments in acquisition as part of Federal News Radio week-long special report, Inside the World’s Biggest Buyer. He discusses what he’s “reading between the lines.”

Richard FontainePresident, Center for a New American Security

Courtesy: CNAS

A transition in coming in the executive branch, no matter who wins in November, if history is any indicator.

If President Barack Obama wins re-election, he’ll have a second administration, with a lot of new faces to recruit.

If Mitt Romney wins, on the other hand, he’ll have to start from scratch to build one.

The Center for a New American Security hosted a panel discussion to discuss these issues, which are also featured in a new CNAS report, “America’s Path: Grand Strategy for the Next Administration.”

Lee DoughertyGeneral Counsel, P.C.’s Government Contracts practice

Courtesy: General Counsel, P.C.

The acquisition process is not seamless and perfect. Sometimes, participating parties fail to live up to their end of their bargain.

So what happens when things go wrong? As part of our week-long multimedia special report, Inside the World’s Biggest Buyer In Depth looks at the suspension and debarment process with an expert insight from Lee Dougherty a member of General Counsel, P.C.’s Government Contracts Practice.

Dougherty publishes the Bid Protest Weekly, which analyzes the Government Accountability Office’s bid-protest decisions.

Steve BucciSenior Fellow for Homeland Security and Defense issues, Heritage Foundation

Steve Bucci with FTT Consulting, discusses the latest revelations dealing with Stuxnet, the computer virus that targeted Iran’s nascent nuclear program. A New York Times report last month revealed the program was an American operation, according to high-level anonymous sources.

On the Heritage Foundation blog, Bucci wrote there was “no good operational reason” for leaking the information.

This story is part of Federal News Radio’s daily Cybersecurity Update. For more cybersecurity news, click here.