In Depth interviews – July 31

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Today’s guests:

Al BurmanPresident of Jefferson Solutions

Photo: Jefferson Consulting

Your agency’s chief acquisition officer may have more duties than just procurement. But CAOs tell the Government Accountability Office that’s not holding them back from getting the job done and most of them think it’s a good thing that they multi-task. Al Burman is a former administrator at the Office of Federal Procurement Policy and he spoke to In Depth about the GAO’s new report.

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Tom ShoopEditor in Chief, Gvernment Executive

The threat of sequestration has some contractors hinting a flood of WARN Act notifications could fill up mailboxes in November. Lockheed Martin expects to send conditional layoff notices to 10,000 employees. But the Labor Department said this week that’s not necessary as the chances of a sequester are unknown and notices would only waste resources and raise anxiety. Tom Shoop discusses his latest blog post about the notices plus the congressional deal announced Tuesday that would keep the government running for another six months.

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Barry PavelDirector of International Security Program, Atlantic Council

Photo: Atlantic Council

In an era of draw-downs and sequestration, what is the future of the European Command? Barry Pavel moderated a discussion about the Pentagon’s shifting focus from Europe to the Middle East and the Pacific region.

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