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Federal News Countdown: Mars Rover and USPS revenue losses

Today’s guests on the Federal News Countdown:
Alan Balutis, Cisco Internet Business Solutions Group

Alan Balutis’ stories
#3 HR pros offer bleak assessment of federal managers
From Government Executive:

One-third of federal human resources professionals don’t think agency managers have the skills to succeed, according to a new report. The bleak assessment of agency line and operations managers shows a growing unease among HR professionals in the current political and fiscal environment, ranging from concern over potential workforce reductions to the increasing competition for talented employees.

#2 Romney’s July fundraising outpaces Obama’s
From The Washington Post:

The former Massachusetts governor outraised Obama by more than $25 million last month, the campaign announced Monday, collecting just over $101 million. Obama’s campaign announced that it brought in $75 million, closing the gap slightly compared with June, when his Republican challenger raised $106 million to Obama’s $71 million.

#1 With NASA Mars rover Curiosity safely on surface, time to take inventory
From Washington Post:

In the aftermath of the high-precision landing, space-exploration advocates embraced Curiosity as proof of American ambition and prowess.

“If anybody has been harboring doubts about the status of U.S. leadership in space, well, there’s a one-ton, automobile-size piece of American ingenuity, and it’s sitting on the surface of Mars right now,” presidential science adviser John P. Holdren said at a news conference after the landing.

Francis Rose’s stories
#3 ‘Crisis of confidence’ as USPS posts $5.2 billion quarterly loss
From Federal News Radio:

“Our financial crisis is the result of an inflexible business model. It’s causing a crisis of confidence in the postal system,” Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe told the USPS Board of Governors Thursday. “We need legislation now that enables us to make the necessary changes in this model. When that’s complete, we’ll return to profitability.”

#2 SSA offers early retirement to 9,000 employees
From Federal News Radio:

The offer is effective immediately, and the date of separation is Sept. 30, 2012.

The early retirements are not buyouts. The email did not state SSA’s target number for workers who retire early.

#1 Major changes to performance management in OMB budget guidance
From Federal News Radio:

“This is laying out an aggressive multi-year plan for improving performance and accountability across government as well as implementing the Government Performance Results Modernization Act,” said Shelley Metzenbaum, OMB’s associate director for performance and personnel, in an exclusive interview with Federal News Radio.