IRS Commissioner Shulman stepping down next month

IRS Commissioner Doug Shulman will leave the agency when his term ends next month, the IRS announced Wednesday. Deputy Commissioner for Services and Enforcement Steven Miller, will serve as acting commissioner after he departs.

IRS Commissioner Doug Shulman

Shulman, who has led the agency since March 2008, indicated earlier this year he would leave at the end of his term.

“The IRS team made remarkable progress in the last few years during a challenging period,” he said in an IRS release. “It has been an honor to serve the American people during this dynamic time.”

IRS commissioners, who are nominated by the President and must be confirmed by the Senate, serve five-year terms that end on Nov. 12 of their final year. However, because that conflicts with the observance of Veterans Day this year, Shulman’s last day will be Nov. 9. the IRS said.

Schulman made updating the agency’s aging technology infrastructure a top priority.

“Our original technologies that still hold hundreds of millions of taxpayer accounts were engineering marvels of their time,” he said at a National Press Club event earlier this year. “The problem is the people who remember how to use these systems is dwindling, and it’s very hard to keep them up and running. And we have a very complicated interrelated set of systems that have evolved on top of those systems. When you try to unbundle all of that, it makes the job even harder.”