Accelera Solutions’ Joe Brown on the mobility environment

Joe Brown, president of Accelera Solutions, joined Industry Chatter to discuss the mobility environment.

He also discussed Accelera Solutions’ offerings in virtualization, bring-your-own-device and other mobility measures, and continuity-of-operations and disaster recovery applications.

“Most of these technologies are centered around the foundation of virtualization technology … A lot of people are using cloud computing environments to deliver these solutions to their end users,” he said.

From Brown’s official bio:

Mr. Brown is President and co-founder of Accelera Solutions. He is responsible for the structure, strategy and execution of Accelera’s sales and marketing team. Additionally, Brown is the senior technologist and chief architect whereby he contributes his expertise in virtualization technology to continually evaluate new technology partners and manage the company’s position within the virtualization community.

Mr. Brown leveraged his experience at Citrix Systems to build a world class sales and marketing organization which earned Accelera numerous awards and a reputation as the market leader in providing virtualization solutions. Brown brings over a decade of direct, hands-on virtualization experience and has the unique ability to blend technical with business. As a result, he sits on the Dell Enterprise Architecture Council and the Citrix Platinum Advisory Council.


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