Top 3 for 2013 – Dan Blair on budget opportunities

Dan Blair, president, National Academy of Public Administration

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“Opportunity” is probably not a word you would expect to hear much when it comes to the tight budget times the government is in. But more and and more experts are using that very word to describe the potential budget landscape of 2013.

One of them is Dan Blair, the president of the National Academy of Public Administration. As part of the special feature Top 3 for 2013, Blair tells In Depth with Francis Rose he sees a chance to reshape the federal workforce.

Dan Blair’s Top 3 for 2013
  1. The emerging opportunity for a changing federal workforce. — Between retirements, cutbacks, USPS shrinking, sequestration, and the drawdown of troops for Defense, the federal government will have an opportunity to reinvent the federal workforce to maximize value to the taxpayers. Will they use 2013 to focus on meaningful change?
  2. Continue the reorganization of government agencies to reduce redundancy. — The President began the effort in 2012 with the Consolidation Authority Act to reorganize the government. Initially focused on streamlining the six federal agencies responsible for business and trade, success for this initiative will focus in 2013 on the Administration’s ability to implement this reorganization and build on this to focus on food and drug oversight and education programs. Congress needs to provide the Administration authority to enact this change to improve effectiveness and reduce costs through eliminating overlapping missions of multiple government agencies.
  3. Presidential transition. — Never underestimate the importance of a transition, even if it is with a second term president. Who will be nominated, how soon they can be confirmed, and how quickly and effectively they can begin to lead an agency will dictate the effectiveness of the Administration in 2013.


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