Adobe Systems’ John Landwehr on why agencies are more open to commercial solutions

John Landwehr, vice president for digital government solutions for Adobe Systems, joins Industry Chatter with Francis Rose to discuss why agencies are more open to commercial IT solutions.

From Landwehr’s official bio:

John Landwehr is Vice President, Digital Government Solutions for Adobe Systems. John’s team is responsible for defining and building solutions incorporating electronic documents, digital media, web content management, analytics, information security, and collaboration technologies to support training & mission readiness, content security, business efficiency & optimization, and citizen engagement. At Adobe, John developed the Certified Document program to facilitate authentic electronic documents used across government, business, and education. John’s work on the intersection of security and usability led to Adobe having one of the most widely distributed encryption clients in the world, in the free Adobe Reader running across desktop and mobile devices. He also managed Adobe’s first mobile application available for iPhone and Blackberry, LiveCycle Mobile, providing forms and workflow approvals to mobile users. His expertise includes application servers, operating systems, hosted services, mobile devices, digital signatures, identity management, and encryption. He has provided testimony to Congress, previously held positions at NeXT and Apple, is a Certified Information System Security Professional, and a graduate of Northwestern University.


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