In Depth Show Blog – September 11, 2013

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Today’s guests:

David Olive
Catalyst Partners

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The Homeland Security Department has some critical job openings on the 12th anniversary of 9-11. The most prominent one is secretary, but more than a dozen other high-level jobs don’t have permanent occupants at DHS. David Olive is principal of Catalyst Partners, and founder and moderator of The Washington Homeland Security Roundtable.

Adm. Thad Allen
Former Commandant
Coast Guard

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Today’s 12th anniversary of 9-11 is the backdrop for the latest in a series of hearings about the 10th anniversary of the Homeland Security Department. Adm. Thad Allen, former commandant of the Coast Guard, testified at today’s Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee hearing and he says his experience on Sept. 11, 2001, continues to shape how he looks at the future of national security.

Jason Miller
Executive Editor
Federal News Radio

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The House wants to take another crack at improving federal data transparency laws in the next few months. Republican leaders are promising to get the DATA Act a vote on the House floor. Federal News Radio executive editor Jason Miller is here with details on why some members of Congress think this time is different for the DATA Act.

Also on the Show:

On Pentagon Solutions, an hour-long look into challenges facing the Defense Department both inside and out of the building, we listened to highlights from an event at the Center for Strategic and International Studies. Participants examined DoD’s Operational Energy for the upcoming decade as military branches restructure and draw down in the Middle East. Maren Leed moderated the event. She’s senior adviser for the CSIS Harold Brown Chair in Defense Policy Studies and Ground Forces Dialogue. The main speakers were Sharon Burke, assistant secretary of Defense for Operational Energy Plans and Programs and Lt. Gen. Robert Ruark, director of logistics for the J-4 Joint Staff.

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