Horace Blackman, Vice President of Health and Life Sciences, Lockheed Martin

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services awards a five-year, $563 million contract to Accenture to continue its work on Healthcare.gov. It’s a high- profile contract in health IT in the federal government, but it’s only one contract. Horace Blackman is vice president of health and life sciences at Lockheed Martin. He shared his Top 3 for 2015 on In Depth with Francis Rose. Horace says health IT growth is poised to explode — and 2015 won’t be the end of it, either. Horace Blackman’s Top 3 for 2015

  1. Health IT growth
  2. Information security, data integrity
  3. Increased commodification of infrastructure, including cloud services

In our special radio report, Top 3 for 2015, federal experts tell In Depth host Francis Rose what top three concepts, trends or priorities they believe will be important in 2015.

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