Linda Springer, Government and Public Sector Director, Ernst & Young

A list of agencies at high risk of waste, fraud and abuse is due from the Government Accountability Office this year. Linda Springer is the executive director of the government and public sector practice for Ernst and Young. In her Top 3 for 2015, she tells In Depth with Francis Rose why she’s curious about the GAO High Risk List and how Congress will react to the report.

Linda Springer’s Top 3 for 2015

  1. The GAO High Risk List: It will be issued in early 2015. How can it be leveraged to advance agency risk management programs?
  2. The intersection of collaboration and good government: It led to the Government Reports Elimination Act of 2014. Can that model be replicated in 2015?
  3. The challenge of improving employee engagement: Is it possible to make progress as political leaders depart and as the Obama Administration enters the second half of a second term?

In our special radio report, Top 3 for 2015, federal experts tell In Depth host Francis Rose what top three concepts, trends or priorities they believe will be important in 2015.


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