Federal News Countdown: Diverse job seekers, innovative ideas

Guests on the Federal News Countdown:

  • Jon Desenberg, director of policy, Performance Institute
  • John Salamone, vice president, FMP Consulting

John Salamone’s stories:

#3 OPM retirement backlog reaches 18- month high (Federal News Radio)

#2 GAO highlights two ways to fire poorly performing feds more easily (Federal News Radio)

#1 OPM banks on data to attract younger, more diverse job seekers (Federal News Radio)

Jon Desenberg’s stories:

#3 Hillary Clinton has little to fear from Martin O’Malley (The Washington Post)

#2 Report urges longer probation to weed out ‘substandard’ staff (The Washington Post)

#1 Commerce invites employees to bring forth innovative ideas (Federal News Radio)