#FedFeed – Find out which agency got nominated for 5 Webby Awards

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: NASA’s social media game is strong. Now that’s being officially recognized, as the agency has been nominated for five Webby Awards, including three for its social media:

Government and Civil Innovation – NASA.gov (NOAA.gov is also a contender)
Corporate Communications – NASA social media
Science – the Cassini Mission to Saturn
Education and Discovery – The Jet Propulsion Laboratory’s social media
Best Overall Social Presence – the Cassini Mission social media

Speaking of NOAA, they made this video to remind you that tomorrow (April 15) is Citizen Science Day. Find out what you can do FOR SCIENCE!

And 30 years ago today, Eddie Van Halen patented a device that helped him achieve his signature sound.


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