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Military health and the move from legacy systems

In the world of software development, transitions of large systems are the most challenging. When Leidos Health was presented with the challenge of modernizing the Military Health Clinical Health Support System, they knew they had the experience to leverage their commercial experience to accomplish the task.

Brand new systems are called “greenfield projects,” which start with collecting requirements. Compare that with a system designed for 9.6 million people, geographically diverse, with existing clinical data. Just to add to the complexity, include data changing as the system is being designed, and it must comply with federal security on top of standard Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) guidelines. Reaching the deadline was a major accomplishment.

Doug Barton, senior vice president, chief technology officer and chief engineer at Leidos Health joined Federal News Radio to discuss these issues and more.


Legacy System

Sixty percent of their care is provided by commercial entities. Yes, 60 percent. So they really have to work to inter-operate clinically with commercial hospital systems and provider practices and not just with internal DoD systems.


Challenges and Risks

Even more so, e-prescribing interfaces are already built in, so if I need to send it to CVS at the corner that's already built in. If you need to send it out to Quest for a laboratory, that's called reference labs, those protocols are built in. Public health reporting is built in.


Information Assurance

So, the mere fact that it's both CUI, as they say, and critical infrastructure, in addition to the fact that it has military national security relevance, increases the requirements for strong cyber security protections.


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