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Steve Charles EVP & co-founder Immix Group January 26th, 2009 (Rebroadcast February 16th, 2009)

Steve Charles
EVP & co-founder
Immix Group
January 26th, 2009

(Rebroadcast February 16th, 2009)

Amtower and guest Steve Charles discuss what’s coming down the pike with the new administration and what it could mean to the contracting community. Among the myriad of topics discussed were the Obama campaign usage of web 2.0 (and their surprise at the lack of latest technology when they showed up at the White House), and the implications of what web 2.0 usage could mean throughout the executive branch as Pres. Obama requires agencies to migrate toward web 2.0 in internal and external communications.

Other topics include the rumors around John Thompson being considered for Secretary of Commerce, the economic crisis and the debilitating effect it could have on companies seeking more government business (business financial stability is a big factor in contracting), reform under Pres. Obama – including eliminating any and all gifts (including those under $20), areas of contracting opportunity under the economic stimulus package (energy, infrastructure, smart buildings and transportation), – all this and more!

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