An in-depth look at ACT-IAC

May 23, 2011 — Host Mark Amtower interviews Ken Allen, executive director of ACT-IAC (the American Council on Technology & the Industry Advisory Council).

Topics include:

  • the history of ACT-IAC
  • highlights of the 31st Management of Change Conference
  • the upcoming 21st Executive Leadership Conference
  • the grants management program with Treasury and GSA
  • transitioning to IPv6
  • the Information Sharing Environment Program
  • the National Information Sharing Strategy
  • Networx 2020
  • ACT-IACs contributions to VA’s VistA program
  • OMB’s 25 point program
  • the new San Diego chapter of ACT-IAC
  • the incoming ACT president (Mary Davie) and the incoming IAC Chair (Jim Beaupre)


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