US Air Force – Part 1

Lt. Gen. Michael PetersonChief Information Officer

In the Air Force, IT has to go beyond the business systems and extend to airborne networks, command and control systems and intelligence analysis, making Lt. Gen. Peterson not just the CIO but also the Chief of Warfighting Integration. Peterson says as IT becomes more and more like a utility, there is more work to be done to help get the right information to the right people. Part of that has involved moving to a regional concept for delivering network services. And, Peterson says work needs to be done to ensure the seamless flow of information, especially between different branches of the military and other partners. Still, he says progress is being made, in large part due to the use of Communities of Interest, which have be able to develop language and processes which are key to sharing information across agencies. He also talks about how IT must help make the pointy end of the spear that much more effective.

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