Cureton settles in as NASA CIO

Linda Cureton thought she had a pretty good handle of how technology impacts and influences NASA mission. Cureton spent about four years as the chief information officer of the Goddard Space Center. But it really wasn’t until she became the CIO for all of NASA that she realized how expansive of a role technology plays in the space agency.

Cureton describes it not as drinking from a fire hose, but drinking 3,000 dixie cups all at once.

Now a year into her tenure as CIO, Cureton said she is much more comfortable in her role and admits that it’s a lot more fun now than it was about nine months ago.

Part of the reason for her composure is the IT Infrastructure Improvement Program (I3P) is well under way. Cureton said the final of five request for proposals is due out this fall, and awards on previous issued RFPs could be made as early as first quarter of 2011.

Cureton has visited every NASA space center over the past year and now said she can begin working on other priorities, including reducing how much energy the agency uses and cloud computing.


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