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  • Paul Gardner: Army develops scarf-life protective masks

    The Army has developed a new scarf-like mask designed to protect against riot control agents. Currently users are forced to wear full general protective masks made of hard bulky materials. This one however would be as easy as putting on a surgical mask. Paul Gardner is a supervisory physiologist at Edgewood Chemical Biological Center’s Research and Technology Directorate. He is also the chief of the Respiratory Protection Division that developed the mask. He explains how the idea for this project got started.

  • Rodney Peterson: NICE reforms under Cybersecurity Awareness Month

    Back in 2009, an executive order established a nationally-coordinated effort to improve the country’s overall cyber security. The National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education is now six years old and has undergone a revision as part of Cybersecurity Awareness Month. Rodney Peterson is the director of NICE. He tells Federal News Radio’s Matt Wingfield more about the initiative.

  • Sondra Barbour: Gov Con recognizes Lockheed Martin

    The Greater Washington Government Contractor Awards honor many of the individuals and businesses among the region’s government contractors. The awards are co-sponsored by the Fairfax County Chamber of Commerce and the Professional Services Council. Sondra Barbour is the executive vice president of information systems and global solutions at Lockheed Martin, and a finalist for Gov Con’s Executive of the Year award in the more than $300 million in sales category. She tells Federal News Radio’s Matt Wingfield more about her nomination.

  • Steve Broglio: DoD teams up with NCAA to research concussions

    The Defense Department has teamed up with the National Collegiate Athletic Association to study the effects of concussions on service members and student-athletes. The project is run by a group of investigators dubbed the Concussion Assessment, Research and Education, or CARE, Consortium. Steve Broglio is an associate professor of kinesiology at the University of Michigan and director of the NeuroTrauma Research Lab, one of the consortium’s three research branches. He tells Federal News Radio’s Matt Wingfield more about the consortium.

  • Lt. Gen. Michael Linnington: Updating the POW-MIA Accounting Agency’s mission

    Army Lt. Gen. Michael Linnington is the director of the Pentagon’s new POW-MIA Accounting Agency, charged with finding and identifying remains of U.S. service members abroad. Defense Secretary Ash Carter appointed Linnington in June. He replaces Rear Adm. Mike Franken, who had served as interim commander since the agency was formed in January. On the Federal Drive with Tom Temin, Linnington told Federal News Radio’s Matt Wingfield more about the history of the still-young agency, and how he plans to accelerate the location and naming of lost service members.

  • Anthony Calomino: How NASA tech can protect firefighters

    NASA has partnered with the Agriculture Department’s Forest Service in an effort to better protect firefighters. The hope is that the same technology that protects NASA space crafts on re-entry can save firefighters trapped in an inferno. Anthony Calomino is a senior materials research engineer at NASA Langley. On the Federal Drive, he told Federal News Radio’s Matt Wingfield more about the technology and the partnership.

  • Open spaces, open minds: How LEED standards are changing your office

    Eco-friendly construction is a priority, and in some cases a requirement. for future office planning in the federal government. Federal News Radio’s special report, The Federal Office of the Future, explores how LEED certification standards are sweeping the country in new and current federal offices.

  • White House challenge puts the quest to go green in feds’ hands

    The government wants to go green and it’s soliciting employee suggestions to help do it. It’s a top-to-bottom effort though, as federal agencies also released their annual sustainability plans and the President announced a new GreenGov Symposium.