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Articles by Sam Ufret

  • Jason Matheny appointed as IARPA’s new director

    Director of National Intelligence James Clapper appoints Jason Matheny as IARPA’s next director, effective immediately.

  • In wake of OPM breach, study says invest in cohesive security

    A new report from the Institute for Critical Infrastructure Technology cites OPM’s scattered IT governance, lack of cybersecurity experts and lack of cyber threat detection technology as the major pitfalls leading to OPM’s cyber breach. The Federal Drive’s Tom Temin spoke with Dan Waddell, a lead contributor on the study, about what OPM needs to do to secure its systems for the future.

  • DEA confidential source program running amok, DOJ says

    A new report released by the Justice Department Inspector General’s office states that the DEA’s policies regarding use of high-risk confidential sources are out of compliance with the Attorney General’s guidelines. The IG says a lack of oversight for issues such as how sources are used, how actions in operations are sanctioned, and how benefits to sources are awarded could put operations at risk.

  • OPM isn’t communicating EEI improvements effectively

    A Government Accountability Office report released earlier this month states the Office of Personnel Management isn’t properly communicating employee engagement strategies with other agencies.

  • Tuesday federal headlines- July 21, 2015

    In today’s news, Northern Command tells military recruiting centers to take a few basic security steps in the wake of last week’s shootings in Chattanooga, the intelligence community research arm is looking for ideas for a whole new approach to early warnings of cyber attacks and believe it or not, more eyes than ever could potentially have a look-see at Office of Personnel Management databases.

  • Monday federal headlines- July 20, 2015

    In today’s news, the Pentagon mulls steps it can take to protect troops working at home in the United States, with August recess looming, Congress has a pile of work to do before the end of the fiscal year, and CMS overstated its savings from its Fraud Detection System, according to the Health and Human Services inspector general.

  • Shared services: A key part of a 21st century federal cyber strategy

    OPM’s recent cybersecurity breach shows how tight budgets, limited expertise and cultural blind spots create perfect storms of agency vulnerability throughout the federal environment.

  • Four things that bother federal executives about their agencies

    Federal executives say they worry about the capacity of their workforce and how it impacts their agencies’ performance in a recent “Future of Government Service” survey released this month.

  • OPM helps agencies evaluate worksite health and wellness campaigns

    The Office of Personnel Management is encouraging agencies to improve assessments to foster a more balanced workplace for employees.