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I have been (slowly) pulling together the most read items from the different programs on Federal News Radio 1500 AM over the past 12 months.

Previous ‘most read in 2009:
* Mike Causey edition
* In Depth with Francis Rose edition

Today… the most read items of 2009::

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But for now, here are the items you read on for 2009:

  1. White House cuts federal pay raise
  2. NSPS another step closer to ending; FERS ‘flu’ cure a “done deal”
  3. The end for NSPS?
  4. Some insurance companies leave Federal Employee Health Benefits Plan as Open Season approaches
  5. NSPS one step closer to ending; FERS ‘flu’ might be cured
  6. Feds to pay more for health care under FEHBP
  7. NSPS over and FERS Flu cured, Senate Passes Defense Authorization Bill
  8. NALC: Postal workers latest victims of economic crisis
  9. Federal government closed Monday due to snow
  10. How to work around FEHBP’s fewer choices and higher costs
  11. Another LTC “error” affects 70,000 federal workers
  12. Congress tells agencies to check creditworthiness of employees
  13. DoD makes it official: FCS is cancelled
  14. USPS paying for environmental performance
  15. Advice for FERS employees scared about retirement
  16. Important TSP changes have arrived
  17. Plug pulled on Federal Employees Health Benefits Program under Senate proposal
  18. Agencies open under unscheduled leave policy on Tuesday
  19. Transition out of NSPS begins
  20. Causey: Federal Health Employee Benefit Plan amendment not likely to pass
  21. OPM’s Berry deals out first set of civil service reform suggestions
  22. Senate committee increases civilian pay raise to 2.9 percent for 2010
  23. OPM no longer to project federal retirements
  24. OPM proposes changes to sick leave rules
  25. No COLA in 2010 not all bad news
  26. Open Season resource: All you need to know before Monday
  27. DoD makes NSPS pay raise equal to GS employees
  28. House committee does not address civilian pay raise for 2010
  29. House passes omnibus spending bill with pay raise, agency funding
  30. DoD taking CAC in new directions
  31. When to consider moving your TSP funds around
  32. Almost three quarters of all feds have HSPD-12 cards
  33. Bonasaro: Attracting young blood to the Senior Executive Service a must
  34. Feds’ FEHBP no longer in danger; Congress, staffers still affected under Grassley plan
  35. Moran wins reprieve for DoD agencies; no BRAC move until 2014 at earliest
  36. House trying again to cure FERS flu
  37. Short time deadline looms for federal Long Term Care
  38. Changes coming to your TSP options
  39. VA puts 45 IT projects on hold
  40. OPM proposes reinvestigation rule for certain employees
  41. NSPS remains on life support
  42. H1N1 causes shutdown at the Small Business Administration
  43. Program launched to help recruit 11,000 new federal IT workers
  44. USPS: Five days a week?
  45. Hackers Hit
  46. The reconstruction of NSPS
  47. Stimulus bill could give agencies significant funding boost
  48. OPM offers little relief for long-term health care increases
  49. NSPS Task Force prepares to release report
  50. A new home for Homeland Security
  51. OPM preparing for pandemic by adjust sick leave policy
  52. House panel casts leery eye toward TSP mutual fund option
  53. End of NSPS and cure for FERS Flu included in Defense Authorization bill
  54. OPM sets new policy to make ‘burrowing’ harder
  55. Your TSP: More participants and a new L fund coming
  56. Embassy guard scandal brews in Afghanistan
  57. Awaiting the future of NSPS
  58. Federal labor unions say NSPS is toxic
  59. TSP Snapshot: Up, up and away in November
  60. CIOs cautiously optimistic about OMB’s IT dashboard
  61. Possible TSP changes outlined; May numbers released
  62. TSA picks CSC to run its technology infrastructure
  63. The Double Whammy Hidden in Your Paycheck
  64. Army to migrate all PCs to Vista by end of the year
  65. Salary Council suggests locality pay increase for 2011
  66. A turning point for NSPS
  67. GSA releases FY 2010 per diem rates
  68. House passes paid parental leave bill
  69. USPS’ Potter urges ‘public dialogue’ on future of Postal Service
  70. Agencies consider transforming the federal workplace
  71. TSP: Most funds down for October but up for year
  72. Fed managers leery of telework appeal process
  73. Federal retirees to get a piece of the stimulus package
  74. TSP Snapshot: October a mixed bag, and a primer
  75. Interior, Forest Service face uphill climb to boost employee morale
  76. TSP fund manager arrest is just a rumor
  77. PPS issues 2009 Where the Jobs Are Report
  78. OPM says safety is paramount in government closure decisions
  79. Hathaway opens up about her decision to leave White House, cyber coordinator future role
  80. BearingPoint past the banktruptcy
  81. Agencies to justify not using cloud computing to OMB
  82. How health care legislation on Capitol Hill could affect you
  83. XBRL: One key to the future of government transparency
  84. and Ed DeSeve v. Stephen Colbert
  85. OMB eyes Sept. 9 to launch cloud storefront
  86. OPM to create pools of qualified applicants
  87. Administration calls House NSPS provision ‘premature’
  88. Spouse beneficiaries rules to change for TSP
  89. TSP Roth 401(k) option: A history
  90. Federal Managers Association sees benefits to FERS flu cure
  91. Air Force finds easier way to hire acquisition workers
  92. OPM clarifies statements on retirement projections
  93. OPM Dir. Berry: End attacks on feds!
  94. Some TSP funds rattled by economy
  95. TSP Roth option might come soon
  96. Telework, transportation top issues for BRAC
  97. Budget would cap pay raises for feds
  98. International Spy Museum offers grim, sobering warning on cybersecurity
  99. OMB to measure IT projects through a dashboard
  100. OPM Director John Berry chats with Mike Causey
  101. OPM Director Berry offers peek at the future of the federal personnel agency
  102. A cure for broken federal hiring process
  103. Shifting gears in telework push
  104. Maryland: the ‘Silicon Valley’ of Cybersecurity?
  105. White House takes first step to lifting cookie ban
  106. OPM gives employees opportunity to change long term care program
  107. CBP prototypes ‘next generation’ vessel
  108. Concerns with NSPS
  109. Postal Service one step closer to shutting hundreds of branches
  110. Bilingual workers needed as Foreign Service Officers
  111. Pay for Performance under review
  112. GSA issues first solicitation for cloud computing
  113. GSA headquarters to become model green building
  114. OPM’s Berry pushes ahead on telework
  115. Benefits bills pass in House
  116. Improvements to at least 90 days away
  117. Military personnel would get TSP match
  118. GSA equips employees with Web 2.0 rules
  119. Investor confidence in TSP stock funds increases
  120. Inauguration Day As a Holiday
  121. Persistence needed to go “Where the Jobs Are”
  122. DCAA and DCMA: who’s the boss?
  123. OMB’s new performance framework to combine the best of the past
  124. TSP accounts on track to hit four positive months in a row
  125. DHS gets green light to hire 1,000 ‘cyberspecialists’
  126. Changes could come for TSP beneficiaries
  127. HHS says only one browser will work on
  128. TSA nominee faces Senate scrutiny
  129. Health care reform and the Federal Employee Health Benefits Program
  130. Intelligence community redefines inherently governmental
  131. Feds come up with 38,000 ways to make the government better
  132. Agencies report progress, at last, on security clearance reform
  133. NASA, OMB to make cloud announcement next week
  134. DHS to recompete unrestricted portion of EAGLE contract
  135. OPM shops for a culture change
  136. Senate: Con artists are using stimulus scams to fleece citizens
  137. Spouse beneficiary rules to change for TSP
  138. Buy a new car, get a new tax break
  139. OPM nominee has friends in high places
  140. Tobacco may change your TSP
  141. DHS mandates department-wide telework, COOP review this week
  142. USAJobs hacking raises further security questions
  143. Cash for Clunkers may be a clunker itself
  144. Postal Service trying to do more with less
  145. DoD plans to tame vendor business systems
  146. Military spouses could benefit from new OPM rules
  147. Strengthening the federal acquisition workforce
  148. Federal Teleworking: A look at the numbers
  149. Rank-and-file FPS officers speak out on federal facility security woes