DorobekINSIDER: Most read items for the month of MARCH 2010

The most read stories for the month of March on the, on the Daily Debrief with Chris Dorobek and Amy Morris, for Mike Causey, and for

…from the

  1. DorobekINSIDER: DOD issues its much anticipated Web 2.0 policy
  2. DorobekINSIDER EXCLUSIVE: GSA’s Jim Williams to retire from government after 30-plus years
  3. DorobekINSIDER: CA CIO Teri Takai to be named DOD CIO
  4. DorobekINSIDER explainer: That Census letter announcing the Census form is coming
  5. DorobekINSIDER: Kronopolus named GSA’s assistant administrator; Lantier takes acting deputy pr
  6. DorobekINSIDER EXCLUSIVE: GSA cancels one cloud RFQ, plans to launch a new cloud RFQ
  7. DorobekINSIDER: WH makes it official: Takai nominated for DOD CIO post
  8. DorobekINSIDER: GSA’s Johnson names Costa as associate administrator
  9. DorobekINSIDER EXCLUSIVE: GSA’s Drabkin to join Northrop
  10. DorobekINSIDER: The Federal News Radio Book Club book announcement: Drive by Daniel H. Pink
  11. DorobekINSIDER: GSA’s Johnson on Williams: ‘I’m sad to see Jim go’
  12. DorobekINSIDER: Disconnecting from the grid with the Blue Footed Booby
  13. DorobekINSIDER: Northrop makes it official: Drabkin is the new director of acquisition policy
  14. DorobekINSIDER: The 2010 Fed 100 Awards Gala: Eagle winners, and I blush
  15. DorobekInsider: OMB hires performance guru Shelley Metzenbaum
  16. DorobekINSIDER: Sen. Brown to be ranking member on contracting oversight subcommittee
  17. DorobekINSIDER: AFCEA Homeland Security Conference panel on cyber-security — the liner notes
  18. DorobekINSIDER: Most read items from Feb. 29-March 6: DOD Web 2.0 policy, USPS reorg, Causey, and fe
  19. DorobekINSIDER: Most read items for the month of FEBRUARY… a snowy month
  20. DorobekINSIDER: Off-topic: Back from a great visit to the Galapagos Islands
  21. DorobekINSIDER: GSA procurement guru Drabkin to retire
  22. DorobekINSIDER: GSA’s Johnson speaks to employees – here is what she said
  23. DorobekINSIDER: Most read items from Feb. 21-27: DOD and Web 2.0, clud, TSP, cloud, and DHS contract
  24. DorobekInsider EXCLUSIVE: NASA scores Gardner as the new Goddard CIO
  25. DorobekINSIDER: Get Federal News Radio on your iPhone
  26. DorobekINSIDER and the 03.05 Federal News Countdown poll: What was the big story of the week?
  27. DorobekInsider EXCLUSIVE: USDA undertakes extensive management reorg – downgrading the CIO, CFO
  28. DorobekInsider: USDA gets approval for employee buy outs from OPM as mega-management reorg continues
  29. DorobekInsider: USDA gets early out approval from OPM as mega-management reorg continues
  30. DorobekInsider: Sen. elect Brown: Feds making 2X the private sector
  31. 2009 Federal 100 Awards Gala… in Barry-vision
  32. DorobekINSIDER: Back to work for feds in DC, OPM defends closure decisions
  33. DorobekINSIDER: Turnbull to be acting Energy CIO; Energy Deputy CIO Staton also retiring
  34. DorobekInsider: GSA’s O’Hare to replace Johnson as ITS Assistant Commissioner
  35. DorobekInsider: More GSA FAS shifts — King to retire, Ghiloni shifts, and FAS SES regional com
  36. DorobekInsider: GSA’s Dorris, Army’s Sorenson, HP’s Hempfield earn AFCEA Bethesda
  37. DorobekINSIDER: Most read items from Feb. 14-20: Snow, Drabkin, and your TSP
  38. DorobekInsider: Changes within the VA IT shop
  39. DorobekInsider: OPM’s Berry reorganizes giving the CIO a more prominent role
  40. The DorobekInsider on DC’s NewsChannel 8 on dashboards — and the Kiviat graph
  41. DorobekINSIDER poll: Did OPM make the right decision to open DC offices on Friday?
  42. DorobekInsider: GSA chief of staff Germain steps down, no replacement named
  43. DorobekINSIDER poll: The Federal News Countdown for Feb. 22 – what’s the big story of the week
  44. Ed DeSeve to join the Obama administration
  45. Another big merger: Deloitte buys struggling BearingPoint
  46. DorobekInsider: BREAKING NEWS — Sens. Collins, McCaskill, Bennett introduce acquisition workforce
  47. DorobekINSIDER: OPM’s Berry: Use flexibilities to deal with snowpoclypse type events
  48. DorobekInsider: UPDATED – Grams to join VA as principal deputy assistant secretary for managem
  49. DorobekINSIDER: Why Brown’s ‘feds make double the private sector’ comparison is no

… from the Daily Debrief with Chris Dorobek and Amy Morris

  1. OPM Director Berry furious over federal pay editorial
  2. USPS plan would make dramatic changes
  3. TSP participants could soon invest unused annual leave
  4. Feds, on average, earn more than their private sector counterparts
  5. Bill introduced to allow annual leave contributions to TSP
  6. Friday Afternoon Federal Newscast
  7. TSP funds see gains in February
  8. Cybersecurity risks exist when filing income taxes
  9. TSP measures up to private sector funds
  10. Mike Causey talks about what has happened during past furloughs
  11. Independent analysis of federal and private salary data needed
  12. Bill requires all agencies to have COOP/telework plan
  13. Monday Afternoon Federal Newscast
  14. Timeline for TSP’s Roth option discussed
  15. Tuesday Afternoon Federal Newscast
  16. Tips for staying safe at work
  17. Capitol Hill reaction to the DoT furloughs
  18. Southers advises TSA nominee to focus on threats, not unions
  19. Whistleblower bill draws anger, praise from various groups
  20. USAID will crowdsource for ideas on solving world issues
  21. Microsoft moves into federal cloud arena
  22. Thursday Afternoon Federal Newscast
  23. GSA explains decision to withdraw cloud RFQ
  24. Balance needed at agencies between political appointees and career employees
  25. Wednesday Afternoon Federal Newscast
  26. Shame as a motivator at
  27. GSA’s new FAS commissioner has big shoes to fill
  28. Will House healthcare bill affect the Federal Employee Health Benefits Program?
  29. OPM Director furious over federal pay editorial
  30. Prepare for Public Service Recognition Week
  31. First TSA nominee foresees tough confirmation process
  32. Interoperability efforts need better coordination
  33. Challenge of connecting the dots is nothing new
  34. Use existing tools to comply with Open Government Directive
  35. How the health care law will affect FEHBP participants
  36. Cloud Security Alliance releases new guidance
  37. FOSE 2010: What the future might hold for the General Schedule system
  38. Historic partnership sheds light on Web 2.0 use
  39. Lessons learned, best practices on telework examined after blizzard
  40. D.C. is number one when it comes to cyber crime
  41. Pentagon officials give House BRAC update
  42. Conference brings feds, Silicon Valley together
  43. Wednesday Afternoon Federal Newscast – March 31, 2010
  44. DHS launches challenge on cybersecurity awareness
  45. Cybersecurity bill changes government response to threats
  46. VA issues final rule in Federal Register for VETS GWACs
  47. Is your job in danger of being outsourced?
  48. Study shows lessons learned from military Facebook use
  49. Is balance needed between political appointees and career feds?

…for Mike Causey’s Federal Report

  1. About Those Buyout Rumors…
  2. Health Care Reform & Your FEHBP
  3. Cadillacs, Dependent Kids & the FEHBP
  4. Federal Pay Cut: What A Good Idea!
  5. TSP: Getting Bigger & Better
  6. Federal Pay Fat Cats Stunned
  7. About Those Overpaid Feds
  8. Health Care Reform: Good For The FEHBP?
  9. COLAs, Pay Raises & Powder Room Parity
  10. Year of The TSP Tiger?
  11. Federal Pay/Inflation: Who’s Ahead
  12. Battered Fed Bites Back
  13. Taxing the FEHBP’s Cadillac Plans
  14. How Many 6-Figure Feds Under the TARP?
  15. The Advantage of Cut-Rate Feds
  16. Who’s on FERS?
  17. The March Madness of the TSP
  18. Not Bad for Government Work!
  19. FEHBP: 26 is the New 22
  20. GS 13s in Outer Space: Moon Landing Inside Job
  21. NSPS Winners: The Few, The Proud, The Scared…

… and from

  1. Bill calls for feds who owe taxes to be fired
  2. Bureau of Labor Statistics responds to federal pay in the media
  3. Postal Service prepares to move to five day delivery
  4. OFPP defines ‘inherently governmental’
  5. OMB shutting down financial systems office
  6. DoT bureaus offer advice to furloughed feds
  7. Hill impasse spells more furloughs for DoT workers
  8. OPM to submit hiring reform advice to White House next week
  9. OPM’s strategic plan sets roadmap to HR reform
  10. House passage of Senate jobs bill would end DoT furloughs
  11. OPM’s Berry considers turning telework on its ear
  12. Northrop Grumman drops out of Air Force tanker competition
  13. DHS may not have the funding to work together
  14. Bill calling for firing of tax delinquent feds pulled
  15. New standards for federal building security coming
  16. White House works to change online transactions
  17. Senators want to tighten up inherently governmental definition
  18. TSP Snapshot: Up with February
  19. BLS responds to federal pay in the media
  20. FY 2011 budget work on hold
  21. NTEU concerned about fed worker safety
  22. House panel learns BRAC is in the home stretch
  23. GSA to unveil database to track vendor misconduct
  24. Transportation Department furloughs end
  25. House passes bill to pay furloughed DoT workers
  26. DHS’s Duke to retire after 28 years in government
  27. Lieberman calls for more staff at OMB
  28. OPM’s Berry touts changes for managers
  29. OMB outlines shift on FISMA
  30. Snowmageddon Telework: an update
  31. NIST sets new security configuration guidelines
  32. National Finance Center defaulting to e-pay stubs
  33. Congress turns up heat on DoD business systems
  34. White House pushing agencies toward better customer service
  35. OMB taking a deeper look at data centers
  36. OPM culling telework data from snow storms
  37. Coast Guard plots steady course on procurement
  38. OMB’s Kundra stakes out new e-gov approach
  39. Berry lays out priorities in OPM budget
  40. OFPP to refine agency-contractor relationship
  41. Federal News Radio Reports
  42. Room for improvement found at DHS S&T
  43. State Dept. to launch internal social site
  44. GSA’s Johnson is passionate about teleworking
  45. E-gov spending to continue declining in 2010
  46. Small business contracting bill brings changes
  47. Accountability? There’s a dashboard for that!
  48. Obama nominates three key administrators
  49. Concern voiced about virtual fence
  50. Lawmakers at odds over punishing tax delinquent feds

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