DorobekINSIDER: Most read items for the week of April 18-24: GSA’s chief of staff, USPS, and the SES

The most read stories the week of April 18-24, 2010… on the, on the Daily Debrief with Chris Dorobek and Amy Morris, on Mike Causey’s Federal Report, and for

…from the

  1. DorobekINSIDER: BREAKING: GSA names Michael Robertson as chief of staff
  2. DorobekINSIDER: GSA clarifies the role of regional administrators
  3. DorobekINSIDER: Is that a ‘for sale’ sign at market research firm Input?
  4. DorobekINSIDER: The role of the CIO – and NASA gives the CIO authority
  5. DorobekINSIDER: A whole new World (Bank) of open data
  6. DorobekINSIDER: Most read items for the week of April 11-17: Better Buy Project, TSP, and SESers
  7. DorobekINSIDER: Johnson’s memo re: Robertson: His talent and passion is remarkable
  8. DorobekINSIDER: Most read items for the week of April 3-10: The iPad, TSP, and your thoughts about g
  9. DorobekINSIDER: CA CIO Teri Takai to be named DOD CIO
  10. The DorobekINSIDER iPad review: Will you see them in government?
  11. DorobekINSIDER: GSA promotes Darren Blue to agency chief emergency response and recovery officer
  12. The DorobekINSIDER Reader: The open government policies and plans
  13. The DorobekINSIDER Reader: Earth Day
  14. GSA renames regional administrators as ‘regional commissioners’ — the first step t
  15. DorobekInsider: OMB hires performance guru Shelley Metzenbaum
  16. DorobekINSIDER: The Better Buy Project: Seeking to build a better procurement process
  17. DorobekInsider: GSA chief of staff Germain steps down, no replacement named
  18. Many changes at GSA – this week, it’s the regional senior executives
  19. DorobekINSIDER: Listen to the Federal News Radio Book Club discussing Daniel Pink’s DRIVE
  20. DorobekInsider: Robertson to be named to head GSA’s OGP and CAO

… from Federal News Radio 1500 AM’s Daily Debrief with Chris Dorobek and Amy Morris

  1. Analysis: Change the role of the Postal Service to keep it viable
  2. TSP fund balance crosses $250 billion
  3. GSA names winner in PSA contest
  4. Cloud computing a threat to civil liberties?
  5. TSP participants roll over record amount of investments
  6. Wednesday Afternoon Federal Newscast – April 21
  7. Open Government Plans only the beginning, says former CIO
  8. Friday Afternoon Federal Newscast – April 23
  9. Study: Password changes are a waste of time
  10. NASA CIO Linda Cureton: Changes at agency positive for IT missions
  11. Public opinion about government at all-time low
  12. Library of Congress to collect Twitter data
  13. Survey: More willing to sacrifice privacy for security
  14. Mike Causey: How to become a millionaire
  15. Google’s Buzz prompts cybersecurity concerns
  16. GSA to update infrastructure for better mobility
  17. Now a good time to review where your money is in the TSP
  18. Timeline for TSP’s Roth option discussed
  19. Agencies greener on this 40th Earth Day
  20. TSP funds continue to gain in March
  21. Zeus virus more powerful than ever
  22. EPA shares lessons learned about Web 2.0 policy
  23. USPS plan would make dramatic changes
  24. Bonasaro hints Senior Executive Service might be in trouble
  25. Bill introduced to allow annual leave contributions to TSP
  26. TSP participants could soon invest unused annual leave
  27. Bonosaro hints Senior Executive Service might be in trouble
  28. OPM continues to modernize federal retirement system
  29. OMB to study how agencies deal with computer systems
  30. Is cyber war a reality . . . or impossible?
  31. TSP measures up to private sector funds
  32. Mother of accused terrorist defends her son
  33. VA opens IT training centers to improve awareness
  34. OPM’s John Berry remembers Oklahoma City bombing
  35. Update: How health care reform will impact you
  36. Preview: Where the NSPS transition stands
  37. As Federal Protective Service turns 15, Congress might change its role
  38. Congressman Hank Johnson worried about Guam’s stability
  39. Devaney shares lessons learned about transparency, openness
  40. OPM uses new assessment tools for potential hires
  41. DHS headquarters at St. Elizabeth’s making progress
  42. HReinvented: A comprehensive plan is needed for real reform
  43. Bill could make sweeping changes to DoD procurement
  44. Use existing tools to comply with Open Government Directive
  45. GAO: DHS makes progress with National Infrastructure Protection Plan
  46. Proposal to revamp federal internship programs for grad students
  47. Senior Medicare Patrol works to prevent Medicare fraud
  48. Analysis: The importance of Open Government
  49. Where is the money? We track misallocated funds in the federal budget

…for Mike Causey’s Federal Report

  1. Roadmap to a Million $$ TSP Account
  2. 3 Steps to a Million $$ TSP Account
  3. Dying To Work: Location is Everything
  4. Teleworking: Anecdotal to Actuality
  5. Is There Life After the NSPS?
  6. Federal Retiree – Social Security Benefits Flatline
  7. TSP Millionaires & Record Rollovers
  8. FEHBP & the Dependent in Your Basement
  9. Civil War in the FEHBP Risk Pool
  10. TSP Balances: Size Counts

… and from

  1. Survey: More incentives needed for Senior Executive Service
  2. Berry is innovating in the OPM basement
  3. OMB shifts to real time cybersecurity monitoring
  4. ATF wants more from mobile devices
  5. Bill calls for pilot program with federalized guards
  6. Pentagon contracting reform bill heads for full House
  7. EADS North America will bid for Air Force tanker contract
  8. White House establishes management advisory board
  9. Senators suggest scrapping virtual fence
  10. Bill to pay furloughed DoT workers is law
  11. Justice moves closer to secure sharing
  12. Feds learning sustainability begins with them
  13. House takes aim on Pentagon contracting reform
  14. Postal Service prepares to move to five day delivery
  15. DoD Cyber Command will take a defensive posture
  16. Lawmakers seek a better presidential transition
  17. Agencies classifying less information
  18. Federal News Radio Reports
  19. More agencies using resumes to bring on SESers
  20. HReinvented: Feds mixed on OPM’s HR reform plans, survey finds
  21. GAO: Postal Service business model not working
  22. Take Your Child to Work Day
  23. Agency cybersecurity reporting to get makeover
  24. OPM takes smaller steps to modernize retirement processes
  25. Agencies engage citizens with social collaboration
  26. NIAC chair details information sharing study mandate
  27. OPM to submit hiring reform advice to White House next week
  28. OFPP defines ‘inherently governmental’
  29. OMB outlines shift on FISMA
  30. White House works to change online transactions
  31. OPM relaunches jobs website
  32. GSA to rethink what success means
  33. DISA’s Stempfley heading to DHS’s cybersecurity division
  34. GSA releases FY 2010 per diem rates
  35. HReinvented: OPM’s new database cuts hiring by 3 weeks
  36. White House ready to reveal identity management plans
  37. OMB to set new real property policy
  38. NIAC gets additional White House study requests
  39. OPM’s strategic plan sets roadmap to HR reform
  40. Agencies to justify not using cloud computing to OMB
  41. FDA Commissioner Hamburg says it’s a time for change
  42. HReinvented: Employee unions call for tweaks to the system
  43. NMCI to NGEN = 43 months Navy says
  44. White House pushing agencies toward better customer service
  45. OPM’s Berry considers turning telework on its ear
  46. Federal agencies release Open Government Plans
  47. Agency pilots help cultivate ‘inherently governmental’ changes
  48. Contractor integrity, performance to face higher level of scrutiny
  49. Google, SalesForce help government transition to the cloud
  50. Mobile apps, TechStat lead OMB’s IT evolution

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