GSA to rethink what success means

By data center consolidation initiative and helping to green the supply chain.

“Sustainability will drive everything we do, exposing waste, recognizing full value and costs, cradle to cradle, and calling on us to be full citizens of the world and therefore transforming us as well,” she says.

GSA also is moving from collaboration to collective intelligence. Johnson says this means helping agencies converge on solutions instead of just putting up a bunch of divergent ideas.

“There are hints, new techniques and some new tools by which we can organize the governance, the ranking and the conversation so that we can converge on solutions,” she says. “That is the piece that is going to be the inflection point that we are facing now. How do we not just collect people’s ideas, but help the collective converge on solutions? You are going to be seeing some of that at GSA and I’m eager to have that capacity built into overall government.”

The final piece around customer intimacy is moving to an approach where GSA’s customers pull them toward transformation. Johnson says this means GSA will be reverse engineering their business processes to ensure they are best meeting their customer’s needs.

“It’s a transformational notion in terms of how you go about organizing work,” she says. “What is truly transformed? The processes, yes. The performance, yes. But most importantly, it’s the people that are transformed. Transformation equals talent and this is what is important to me as an educator, as a manager and most importantly as a steward of the federal worker and the federal workplace.”


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