DorobekINSIDER: Most read on Federal News Radio 1500 AM: June 6-12

The most read stories across Federal News Radio 1500 AM from June 6-12… on the … for Mike Causey’s Federal Report… on the Federal Drive with Tom Temin and Amy Morris… and for

…from the

  1. Obama orders cuts in federal building costs
  2. How to get more minorities, women to participate in TSP
  3. Causey: How agency budget cuts will affect you
  4. Is DoD ignoring lessons learned from insourcing?
  5. Dorobek Must Reads – June 11
  6. Why there’s still worry about the Conficker worm
  7. How to make that performance review work for you
  8. Federal contracts: How many is too many?
  9. Most TSP funds suffer losses in May
  10. Influence others and change your office culture
  11. Dorobek Must Reads – June 7
  12. Military Health System works out e-record kinks
  13. Dorobek Must Reads – June 10
  14. How to create the best federal cybersecurity workforce
  15. GSA to launch open government apps platform
  16. Preview: Your monthly TSP Snapshot
  17. DorobekINSIDER: Is cybersecurity over-hyped?
  18. Dorobek Must Reads – June 8
  19. How the Internet is affecting you
  20. Chances good for passage of TSP/annual leave bill
  21. OMB to change how agencies implement financial management
  22. Vote now: Is cybersecurity overhyped?
  23. GAO: Collaboration is important for national security
  24. SSA makes rural America accessible to all
  25. Federal pay raises safe … for now
  26. Dorobek Must Reads – June 9
  27. Labor Department focuses on security aspects of cloud
  28. DHS might soon be in charge of civilian networks
  29. Analysis: White House asks agencies to trim budget
  30. Dorobek Must Reads – May 25
  31. Analyst accused of leaking classified information
  32. Get ready for the Public Service Career and Internship Fair
  33. The DorobekINSIDER iPad review: Will you see them in government?
  34. DoD to rearrange $100 billion in budget
  35. Cornell’s Regulation Room helps DoT with rulemaking
  36. Section: Blog Entries
  37. Strasburg prepares to take field for Nats
  38. Federal agencies launch Gulf oil spill websites
  39. DorobekINSIDER: Crowdsourcing Gulf Coast oil spill info
  40. Mother finds kidnapped kids through Facebook
  41. AT&T first under Networx to get cybersecurity approval
  42. The TSP as a model for other 401(k)s?
  43. Report: FDA needs to reorganize to better protect food
  44. Gulf oil spill tests President’s management style
  45. A look inside BP’s operations center in Houston
  46. U.S. needs coherent cyber-war policies
  47. DorobekINSIDER: Most read on Federal News Radio 1500 AM: May 23-June 6
  48. GovExec honors top chief executives
  49. Dorobek Must Reads – June 3

… for Mike Causey’s Federal Report

  1. Federal Pay Freeze: A November Surprise?
  2. Travel, Training, Hiring Hit List
  3. TSP: Investing in Where You’ve Been
  4. NSPS Express: Train Wreck or Rest Stop?
  5. Good Son of NSPS or Bride of Frankenstein
  6. Six Ways to Beat the Bear Market with Your TSP
  7. Federal Unions: Dynamos or Dinosaurs?
  8. Pay Freeze as Union Recruiting Tool
  9. Payoff the Boss’s Credit Cards?
  10. Big Career Changes Coming at You

… on the Federal Drive with Tom Temin and Amy Morris

  1. Wednesday Morning Federal Newscast – June 8th
  2. Thursday Morning Federal Newscast – June 10th
  3. How to avoid a June swoon with the TSP
  4. NSPS move cuts raises of the ‘best and brightest’
  5. Tuesday Morning Federal Newscast – June 8th
  6. Monday Morning Federal Newscast – June 7th
  7. Incumbent rage leaves budgets in limbo
  8. ‘Shady’ porn site practices pose cyber risks
  9. Cybersecurity box claims to block threats
  10. Analysis: Should DoD cut benefits or guns?
  11. Friday Morning Federal Newscast – June 11th
  12. Friday Morning Federal Newscast – June 4th
  13. Mission, then religion, in the federal workspace
  14. The ten biggest errors federal employees make
  15. The ten biggest errors federal employees make, pt. 2
  16. Bill would give DHS emergency cyber powers
  17. Agencies create a STAR to guide science policy
  18. GSA tries to make office supplies easy
  19. Guns and butter in Defense
  20. USPTO turns to Google for help with TMI

… and from

  1. Bill would put DHS in charge of all civilian networks
  2. White House asks agencies to cut spending by 5 percent
  3. DoD vows to become a leaner organization
  4. Exclusive: OMB to propose major changes to financial management systems
  5. TSP Snapshot: What goes up does go down
  6. OMB must sell Congress on budget cuts
  7. Senate’s newest cyber bill on fast track to passage
  8. GSA, DHS approve first governmentwide cyber provider
  9. National Archives CIO Martha Morphy retires
  10. DHS, DoJ, EPA, Energy earn top green electronics award
  11. CIS upgrading E-Verify Web site
  12. DoD has limited cyber situational awareness
  13. GOP lawmakers pitch fed workforce reduction bill
  14. Navy declares war on sexual harassment & assault
  15. No federal pay freeze for now
  16. SBA CIO Naylor resigns
  17. Federal News Radio Reports
  18. OMB’s Werfel lays out new plan to follow agency money
  19. FISMA’s facelift focuses on four areas, for now
  20. Intellipedia provides lessons for FedSpace initiative
  21. OPM tests letting feds work without a schedule
  22. DoT’s Patillo moving to VA
  23. Census troubleshoots broken software
  24. OMB’s Paul to lead information sharing environment
  25. Information sharing challenges ahead for Paul
  26. TSA ready to move on with ITIP contract
  27. DoD, USDA putting secure ID cards to work
  28. Congress considers a new budgetary tool
  29. VA solving acquisition workforce shortage
  30. OMB shutting down financial systems office
  31. Executive Order seals OPM hiring reforms
  32. DHS tries sharing cyber threat data differently
  33. GSA releases FY 2010 per diem rates
  34. DHS promotes tech from workbench to market
  35. OFPP defines ‘inherently governmental’
  36. OMB shifts to real time cybersecurity monitoring
  37. OMB to set new real property policy
  38. White House works to change online transactions
  39. Bill would create White House cyber office
  40. Agencies to plan for program and budget cuts
  41. OIRA calls for further standardization of rulemaking
  42. NTEU files motion to end internship program
  43. House rejects telework bill
  44. DHS: cybersecurity is more than herding cats
  45. Postal Service prepares to move to five day delivery
  46. NMCI to NGEN = 43 months Navy says
  47. State evolving to 21st century diplomacy
  48. Feds map progress on road to health IT
  49. OMB’s new performance framework to combine the best of the past
  50. Bureau of Labor Statistics responds to federal pay in the media

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