Managing the fear of cutbacks among federal workers

What’s the likelihood of a government shutdown? And what’s the fate of federal agencies if Congress is in gridlock?

Presumptive House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA) did not give a definitive answer on whether or not Congressional leaders would allow a government shutdown.

The Atlantic Wire shares some different opinions on the possibility of fault — one from Think Progress’ Ian Millhiser who wrote the result of a shutdown would mean sending home every federal employee.

The Washington Post’s Federal Coach Tom Fox offers some suggestions to managers about how to keep employees calm and focused in the amidst the possibility pay freezes or cuts, hiring freezes and furloughs.

Fox tells managers to focus on the agency’s mission and find out what employees’ concerns are.

“Let your employees know that you’ll share any good or bad news as soon as you receive it,” Fox suggests.

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