Desktops fade, telework options grow

Census is making the move to the cloud and taking telework with it.

Brian McGrath, Census chief information officer says virtualization will help Census employees telework more easily and improve the Bureau’s security. McGrath said employees have been testing different software over the last few months to install virtual desktop software or thin clients.

“We will not use this technology only for telework,” he said. “This is how we envision delivering desktop services internally in the Census Bureau and externally to any and all employees from home or a device of their choice.”

At the Defense Information Systems Agency. Jack Penkoske; Director of Manpower, Personnel, and Security told Federal News Radio DISA already has the pieces in place to make the commute electronically, through telework.

“Just about all of our computers are the laptops with the docking station so employees can take it home,” said Penkoske. “We have a requirement for our regular teleworkers that they have to take their computer home every night as well. Because, particularly if you have an emergency, you’re not going to know about that emergency the night before.”

In the end, said Penkoske, he would “like to see the day that we get away from even using the word ‘telework’ and just call it work, because it is work. It’s just work in a different place.”