FEBs talk back to Washington: Oklahoma

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LeAnn Jenkins
Oklahoma FEB Executive Director:

What’s the best part of working in your FEB area?

The local culture (the way people ‘connect’) and the active involvement of federal leaders in our FEB.


What is the biggest drawback of working in your FEB area?

Statewide FEB creates a large geographical area to cover and it becomes difficult to engage all agencies equally.

What’s the one piece of advice you would give a fed moving to your area?

Become involved in the Oklahoma FEB, of course! Actually, it is a wonderful resource for Executives to network, share valuable information and “feel” like an Executive.

In a word, describe feds in your area.

Mostly dedicated with an excellent work ethic.

How are feds perceived in your area and how does that affect morale?

I think it is easy for any community to begin seeing “the government” without a face; while no different than any other community, I think ours also sees the federal employer as a great resource for our local economy and it is comprised of neighbors and family. This leads to pride in public service for our employees which sustains good morale in the workplace.

Average commute for feds in your FEB area, or your personal commute?

I commute approximately 30 minutes each way, while my assistant has a 45 minute commute.

Is the distance form D.C. a blessing or a curse?

Both. 1) The geographic distance allows us to focus on the most effective/efficient implementation of policies and initiatives. 2) The distance creates a ‘disconnect’ and many times field locations are left out of the communication loop regarding upcoming initiatives or changes in policy.

What’s your area’s can’t miss attraction?

Any of the three National Park Service locations, Art/History Museums in Oklahoma City, Norman and Tulsa, National Wildlife Refuges located in various parts of our State.

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