Feds sound off on sequestration impact

Federal workers are sounding off about how sequestration, the across-the-board budget cuts slated to kick in Friday, will impact their jobs and their families.

The Federal Workers Alliance, a conglomeration of 20 federal-employee unions, has launched a message board to allow feds to share their concerns and to put a human face on the cuts.

Already, feds have posted more than 250 messages to the site.

In the face of the looming cuts, many federal agencies are prepping for employee furloughs, mostly on a staggered, one-day-a-week basis for the remainder of the fiscal year — akin to a 20 percent pay cut.

“These aren’t just ‘faceless bureaucrats in Washington, D.C.’ said William Dougan, president of the National Federation of Federal Employees and chairman of the alliance, in a statement. “These are single mothers, widows, and couples nearing retirement who are frightened that 20 percent or more of their pay will disappear overnight. After more than two years of frozen pay these people were already on the edge; sequestration furloughs will be the final shove over.”

Below, read a few of the feds’ messages. Click here to view the full message board.

This furlough is a slap in the face after 10+ years of supporting a nation at war. It is also overwhelmingly revealing of our political leaders true appreciation for our efforts and their empty platitudes of a “grateful nation”.
As a fed, I have no problem paying my fair share to support the country on the road to recovery. But, this is not where we are headed. After this is over, we are just headed to the next crisis on the road to disaster because of our dysfunctional, unproductive, vengeful, hostile, Congress. Because some in our government don’t give a damn about the country but only about their “right” to own and control it. We The People may as well be we the peons. Enough already, do your jobs, make decisons including compromising, take care of the business of the country.
I am sick of Congress and the President for treating us federal workers like a worthless piece of trash. Like the one person stated in a previous message, how will Congress and the President feel when the number of suicides increase because people cannot afford to live when their pay is cut 20%? Oh, I forgot, they will continue to get paid by OUR money, will continue to use OUR money for their personal travels, and do whatever they like with no worries. You ALL need to be fired for not doing YOUR job, just like we federal workers would be if we didn’t do our job. For 32 years I have been employed by the federal government and watched it slowly fall to pieces. It is so sad that after so many years of dedication one ends up being treated like this! I have no faith in any of our leadership any longer; they have shown no sense of caring for us “peons”. It is all about them, not us! I hope you all get what you deserve one day!!!
I have a son in college and every bit of “nonessential” money we have goes to pay for his tuition and expenses. I’m going to have to cut my TSP contributions and go back to a poverty level grocery budget in order to make things work. After 18 years of dedication, my job should not be impacted by Congress’ refusal to do their jobs.

We are Americans too, and that seems to be forgotten as they use us as pawns in their little game.

As a civil servant, I live from paycheck to paycheck. Days without pay will mean (1) I can’t afford to deal with two serious medical issues, (2) mortgage payments and other very basic bills like heat and water will be hard to make, and (3) the work that I do as a Federal employee will sit in the office, not done, therefore impacting the American public. I say put Congress in a room and lock the door until they can come up with a solution to this mess. I’ve worked for the Government for over 30 years, and I’m fed up and frightened.
I’m barely making it already. I am the only income for my family of 5. I’ve made sacrifices and so have my family so a furlough would really hurt. Congress needs to feel the same pain we are feel and are going to feel, oh wait, they are mostly millionaires already so they won’t feel the pain. What needs to be done is to eliminate the salary for our congress people, make it a volunteer position. They don’t need the money anyway. Think of how much that will save the government. Better yet, put them on a pay for performance band. That will also save money, especially since it is so obvious they are NOT doing their job.


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