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Information sharing at the FBI’s Science and Technology Branch: a conversation with Chris Piehota

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What are the key strategic priorities for the FBI’s Science and Technology Branch (STB)? How does the FBI Science and Technology Branch share information? Join host Michael Keegan as he explores these questions and more with Chris Piehota, Executive Assistant Director, FBI’s Science and Technology Branch.



Christopher M. Piehota currently serves as the Executive Assistant Director for the FBI’s Science and Technology Branch (STB) and provides executive leadership for the Bureau’s Operational Technology Division, Laboratory Division, and the Criminal Justice Information Services Division. These organizations collectively provide technical solutions, forensic and biometric services. Immediately prior to this role, Mr. Piehota served as the Director of the Terrorist Screening Center and provided executive leadership for the United States Government’s consolidated terrorist watchlisting and encounter management enterprise. Mr. Piehota served as the Special Agent in Charge of the FBI’s Buffalo, New York, Field Office and provided executive field leadership for all National Security, Criminal, and Intelligence operations in accordance with FBI national threat priorities and business objectives. Mr. Piehota is a U.S. Air Force military veteran. He holds a Ph.D. in Education, with an emphasis in Human Performance Improvement.

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