• Big Career Changes Coming at You

    Imagine working for a place where the boss could give you a bonus or pay raise for good performance, or freeze your pay and dock your annual leave if you repeatedly fail to measure up. Senior Correspondent Mike Causey says imagine you are working there because it’s coming your way.

  • OPM adding another retention tool: LEAD program

    Agency graduates first class from a training series that participants say will help them meet challenges they face on the job every day.

  • GAO finds limited burrowing during Bush years

    Auditors looked at 117 employee conversations to career positions from political ones and found most followed the rules. OPM is reviewing five of the seven that GAO determined to be improper.

  • Rep. Lofgren wants contractors to fill cyber void

    As agencies try to hire hundreds of trained cybersecurity experts in the coming years, there are questions about whether that need can be met. Some observers wonder whether there really are enough cybersecurity workers.

  • OPM shaping future leaders in a new way

    The first graduates of a new leadership training program run by the Office of Personnel Management received their certificates yesterday. They are, as OPM Director John Berry describes them, the ”tip of the spear” of a cadre of up-and-coming federal workers who are honing their leadership skills to be the next generation of agency leaders and executives who will run the government.

  • OPM clears up category rankings process

    Agency releases new guides to help hiring managers implement the new approach, which will replace the rule of three.

  • First feds graduate from OPM leadership program

    WFED’s Max Cacas reports.

  • OPM Director John Berry wants end to Federal pay debate

    His goal: to settle once and for all the question of whether federal employees are overpaid compared to the private sector.

  • OPM wants to settle the fed salary debate

    Director John Berry has asked federal and private sector experts to come up with a formula to compare public and private sector salaries. He says the government has a perception problem that needs to be fixed. Two senators introduce provisions to freeze federal pay and the number of employees.

  • NSPS move cuts raises of the ‘best and brightest’

    Tens of thousands of federal employees may have their pay raises cut under the General Schedule for earning better raises under NSPS. Federal Managers Association’s Patricia Niehaus explains.

  • Bill would put DHS in charge of all civilian networks

    Sens. Lieberman, Collins and Carper’s legislation creates two new offices to oversee federal cybersecurity in DHS and the White House. It also forms a new Federal Information Security Taskforce made up of agency chief information security officers. Bill does not include ”kill switch” provision for private sector networks.

  • How to get more minorities, women to participate in TSP

    A recent study by the Office of Personnel Management shows that women and minorities participate less in the Thrift Savings Plan than their white, male counterparts. Tom Trabucco of the Federal Retirement Thrift Investments Board explains what they’re doing to try and close the gap.

  • GAO’s John Needham on smooth insourcing

    Director of Acquisition and Sourcing Management shares ideas to implement OMB insourcing guidelines.

  • House lawmakers uneasy about hiring reforms

    Senate passes a bill that calls for many of the same changes the administration is asking for. House committee wants more answers about how the reforms would affect the hiring of veterans. OPM promises more answers in 90 days.