• Economical Route to Wellness

    All things being equal, according to CHECKBOOK’s Walton Francis, the most economical route to wellness is with an HMO.

  • Stick With Plan B?

    Federal retirees are covered by health plans, even when they choose not to enroll in Medicare Part B.

  • Nip/Tuck

    Thinking about having some cosmetic surgery?

  • Making HEDIS and Tails of Plans

    There is a measurement tool that compares how well FEHB health plans perform for patients with specific needs.

  • Deciding Factors

    There are a few basic things to remember as you decide on a health plan for the coming year.

  • Oh Your Aching Back!

    There was a time when a trip to the chiropractor was looked upon as a half-step up from a trip to a palm reader. Now, if you see some back pain in your future, you…

  • Stay or Change?

    When deciding whether to keep the coverage you have or switch to something else, Walt Francis of Checkbook Magazine says there’s two bits of homework you need to do: ask yourself if your needs have…

  • Keep it Going

    There are two things you must do to make sure your spouse is covered under the FEHB program if you die.

  • HD-HP

    No, it’s not something that lives in your computer.

  • How to Sign Up

    So, you’ve done your homework and decided to go with one of the new dental or vision plans available.

  • When Will the Changes Start?

    One of the most frequently asked questions about open season changes is “when do they start?” The answer is: it depends. For retirees, the answer is simple; it’s always January first. For most active feds,…

  • Put Some Zip in It

    One of the best ways to get started in your search for a health plan is to figure out what’s available in your area, then compare a few against each other. You can enter your…

  • And So it Begins…

    You’ve heard by now that the Federal Employee Health Benefit Open Season is underway. This is a big deal. It covers almost ten million people nationwide and nearly half of the people in the Washington…

  • 2/14/03: Catchup Contributions Coming This Summer

    by Mike Causey