• Senate passes hiring reform bill

    The Federal Hiring Process Improvement Act would streamline recruitment and hiring processes.

  • House hearing looks at IT security at VA

    Congress wants to know whether or not security has improved.

  • Speedbumps sighted in war funding

    Democratic leaders in the Senate consider adding the budget blueprint to a $59 billion dollar emergency spending package winding through Congress. But things are never as easy as that on the Hill. Congressional expert Jodi Schneider explains.

  • GAO: helium program future up in the air

    The federal government has been extensively involved in the production, storage, and use of helium since the early part of the 20th Century. GAO’s Anu Mittal has details on where that program is headed.

  • War Fund Bill Pending

    The Senate is considering a $60 billion that incorporates $30 billion for President Barack Obama’s troop surge in Afghanistan with more than $5 billion to replenish disaster aid accounts, provide Haitian earthquake relief, and make a down payment on aid to flood-drenched Tennessee and Rhode Island.

    The Associate Press reports the must-pass legislation is the only appropriations bill likely to advance to Obama’s desk until the fall and is a tempting target for Democrats seeking to add money for a summer jobs program or to help to local school district to retain teachers.

  • DHS tries sharing cyber threat data differently

    The agency is working with different industry sectors to improve how and the kinds of IT security information that flows in both directions. DHS has a pilot with DoD and financial services companies to exchange threat and malicious activity from their networks. DHS also has installed Einstein 2 software on 12 agency networks to improve how they recognize risks.

  • Congress faces crunch time to fill the bench

    Elena Kagan will be grilled during Senate confirmation hearings this summer. The grilling can’t last long given the demands on time. Jodi Schneider with American Banker explains.

  • Oversight insight: Senate Judiciary Committee examines CIS

    Your agency’s oversight by Congress can cause heartburn for the leadership of the organization.

  • Terrorists buying handguns: there’s no law against it

    Membership in a terrorist organization does not prohibit a person from possessing firearms or explosives under current federal law. Eileen Larence, director of Homeland Security and Justice Issues at the GAO, explains.

  • Recognition for great feds on the Senate floor

    Senator Ted Kaufman has a rare three-fer praising three feds at once from the Library of Congress.

  • GAO: DoD could improve on ability to respond to catastrophes

    A recent report from the congressional watchdog says DoD needs to improve the way it plans to help civilian authorities in the wake of domestic disasters.

  • House rejects telework bill

    The House on Thursday voted down HR 1722, the Telework Improvements Act. It would have greatly expand the ability of federal workers to telework. The bill failed because the measure failed to win a two-thirds majority of the lawmakers voting.

  • Good recognition for a great IRS fed on the Senate floor

    As the head of the IRS’s Electronic Tax Administration, Terrence Lutes became the government’s evangelist for online tax filing. We learn more in this encomium from Sen. Ted Kaufman.

  • The best federal blog you’ve never heard of

    A new blog’s goal is to raise the profile of some of the best publications from the Federal Government, past and present. Davita Vance Cooks, Managing Director of Publication & Information Sales for GPO explains.