• Army expands online training efforts

    The Army has been steadily increasing the amount of education and training it delivers online. Details from the Army’s Phyllis Bailey

  • Kindles, iPads drafted for battlefield testing

    The Army is testing consumer technology to see how well it performs on the battlefield.

  • Army Materiel moving from Belvoir to ‘Bama

    The Army Material Command is moving from Ft. Belvoir to Redstone Arsenal. At least most of it is. We get an update from Kate Kelley, chief of the BRAC office.

  • The Army needs virtual cyber trainers

    The Performance Work Statement (PWS) defines the requirements for the Contractor to provide non-personal services for Information Technology (IT) support to the United States Army Chief Information Officer (CIO)/G6, Cyber Information Assurance Directorate.

  • Army rebuilding contracting workforce

    The Army is trying to get the word out that it needs good people to help manage money. The lagging economy, stubborn unemployment and improved pay and benefits are helping to attract the next generation of acquisition professionals into the fold.

  • Army’s blueprint for success

    Written with the understanding that joint, inter-agency, intergovernmental and multinational partners will be key players in future warfare, the Army Operating Concept provides guidance on how the Army will function in the multi-player environment during 2016-2028. Lt. Gen. Michael Vane explains.

  • Lockheed missile misses target

    Army Operating Concept gets an update,

  • NASA shows the way with e-mail consolidation

    The space agency’s experience in reducing the number of its e-mail systems could serve as a model for others who are going down a similar path. NASA’s benefits include cost savings, better cybersecurity and scalability to deal with the expanding need for mobile access.

  • Pentagon uses challenges to fuel solutions

    Agencies are turning to innovation challenges as a way to solve problems and get people from outside the government involved in coming up with solutions. The White House launched Tuesday and 15 agencies already are using the platform to hold contests. DoD has four challenges on the platform looking at a variety of issues.

  • Air Force of the future could include cyborgs

    Army moves on plan to build next combat vehicle, Air Force Tees Up Golf Course Software

  • Making soldiers fit to fight, without the situps

    Dawn breaks at this, the Army’s largest training post, with the reliable sound of fresh recruits marching to their morning exercise. But these days, something looks different.

  • Sir! Military women want better uniforms! Sir!

    Ask any woman who serves in the Armed Forces what she thinks about the uniform that she wears, and she will likely say that she wears it with pride. But once you get beyond that pride, the question then becomes, how does she really feel about that uniform when you have to wear it day in and day out, especially in combat…and it doesn’t fit just right? Both the Army and the Navy are taking steps to address the uniform concerns of their female members.

  • Soldiers need broadband to succeed in theater

    Learn more in today’s DoD Report.

  • Army readies operations concept

    Muslims pray at Pentagon’s 9/11 crash site