• NASA shows the way with e-mail consolidation

    The space agency’s experience in reducing the number of its e-mail systems could serve as a model for others who are going down a similar path. NASA’s benefits include cost savings, better cybersecurity and scalability to deal with the expanding need for mobile access.

  • Pentagon uses challenges to fuel solutions

    Agencies are turning to innovation challenges as a way to solve problems and get people from outside the government involved in coming up with solutions. The White House launched Tuesday and 15 agencies already are using the platform to hold contests. DoD has four challenges on the platform looking at a variety of issues.

  • Air Force of the future could include cyborgs

    Army moves on plan to build next combat vehicle, Air Force Tees Up Golf Course Software

  • Making soldiers fit to fight, without the situps

    Dawn breaks at this, the Army’s largest training post, with the reliable sound of fresh recruits marching to their morning exercise. But these days, something looks different.

  • Sir! Military women want better uniforms! Sir!

    Ask any woman who serves in the Armed Forces what she thinks about the uniform that she wears, and she will likely say that she wears it with pride. But once you get beyond that pride, the question then becomes, how does she really feel about that uniform when you have to wear it day in and day out, especially in combat…and it doesn’t fit just right? Both the Army and the Navy are taking steps to address the uniform concerns of their female members.

  • Soldiers need broadband to succeed in theater

    Learn more in today’s DoD Report.

  • Army readies operations concept

    Muslims pray at Pentagon’s 9/11 crash site

  • Army asked to find the depth of danger at Detrick

    U.S. Sen. Benjamin L. Cardin sent a letter to the Department of Defense Monday asking the agency to look into contamination at Fort Detrick and devise a plan by Dec. 1 to remedy the situation.

  • Army personnel use contest to apply themselves

    After 53 proposals, the Army has named the winners of its ”Apps for Army” competition.

  • Proposed Pentagon cuts make strange bedfellows

    Five days after proposing controversial cuts in Pentagon spending, much of official Washington still is reeling. Defense Secretary Gates called for $100 billion in spending reductions over the next five years. Some of the proposals to achieve those savings are finding mixed reaction among officials on Capitol Hill and in industry.

  • Army sends in tech squad to fix cemetery

    CIO’s office detailed experts to assess the problems, and formulate a plan to improve how Arlington National Cemetery manages and tracks veterans’ records. Lt. Gen. Sorenson says the first thing is to ensure the data is correct. He says the end result could include an online capability to find out where loved ones are buried.

  • Arlington Cemetery to get special tech support

    Northern Virginia information-technology companies will help Arlington National Cemetery sort out bungled burial records, nudging it from index cards to computers. Bobbie Kilberg, President and CEO of the Northern Virginia Technology Council gives us the details

  • Joint military exercise fixes interoperability issues

    The Pentagon and its coalition partners take to the Army base in Fort Huachuca, Ariz. to address actual data and communications problems found in Afghanistan. The exercise ensures U.S. systems can share data with the British, Canadian and other coalition partner systems.

  • Aerospace protest won’t slow tanker contract

    A top App for Army is the Disaster Relief app for an Android