• Navy renews NMCI contract

    The day the Navy held its third industry day for the multi-billion dollar NGEN follow-on contract, the service also reupped their current deal with HP.

  • Ship Anchorage Site to Inspect and Decontaminate Gulf Ships

    The National Oceanic And Atmospheric Administration – with assistance from the U.S. Coast Guard and Navy – has started to survey a new ship anchorage site at the mouth of the Mississippi River in the Gulf of Mexico – for ships to undergo inspection and oil decontamination before entering ports.

    Shipping vessels are currently facing increasing time delays and other challenges as they try to avoid the oil slicks caused by the Deepwater Horizon oil spill.

    A magnetometer survey of a proposed alternate anchorage site would ensure the safety of ships, their crews, and the marine environment by making sure that there are no buried pipelines in the proposed area that would be ruptured by ships lowering their anchors.

    Maritime commerce is important farmers especially, who need to export their crops through Gulf ports, as do the millions of retail outlets nationwide that rely on a constant flow of imports.

  • Navy renews NMCI contract

    HP receives deal that could be for up to five years and worth up to $3 billion. Navy continues to develop follow-on contract, NGEN.

  • McChrystal meets with his bosses

    Many people are still wondering what General Stanley McChrystal was thinking. ”He really in meeting with him didn’t try to explain it, he just acknowledged that he had made a terrible decision,” said Secretary of Defense Robert Gates. The Rolling Stone article that will leave a black mark on his career made Admiral Mike Mullen sick when he saw it. ”He is a friend, an extraordinary officer. He made a severe mistake and I think the actions that were taken were appropriate.”

  • Navy CIO Carey moving to Fleet Cyber Command

    Rob Carey is transitioning out of the CIO role and into more of an operational position where he will focus on cyber strategy and policy for all Navy networks.

  • Cybersecurity Center pitched for USNA

    Panetta concerned about cyberwarfare

  • Navy CIO Carey leaving

    He plans on taking a new position later this summer. Carey says after three years in the position, it’s time to move on to new challenges.

  • DHHS Moves to Electronic Health Records

    The Department of Health and Human Services is expected to soon provide an updated set of guidelines to the health care community, and to federal agencies, regarding the effort to put in place a uniform system of electronic medical health records nationwide.

    The Department of Veterans Affairs – which oversees one of the largest health care systems in the world – has been working to take the Department’s VISTA health records management system into a new realm of upgraded open source software and hardware systems — while meeting the mandate to become part of a nationwide electronic health records network.

    Similarly, Navy officials say they’ve been helping the Defense Department sync up with Veterans Affairs, and eventually with the electronic records in the civilian world, with the promise of better patient care through shared medical data.

  • Navy CIO: What can we learn from industry?

    Read a new blog post from Navy CIO Rob Carey.

  • Navy declares war on sexual harassment & assault

    Battling sexual harassment and sexual assault in the ranks is one of the highest priority work-life issues in the U.S. Navy. Yesterday, a group representing women in the military discussed the issue during a conference here in Washington.

  • U.S. Navy symposium confronts sexual assaut

    WFED’s Max Cacas reports.

  • Future of health IT bright, says SRA’s Ed Meagher

    Former Deputy CIO at VA sees a ”confluence of events” pushing uniformity on health IT.

  • Navy joins effort to track moving oil slick in the Gulf

    The Naval Oceanographic Office has deployed sensor systems to monitor surface currents and measure physical properties of the deeper Gulf waters.

  • Feds map progress on road to health IT

    Within the next several weeks, the Department of Health and Human Services is expected to release the newest guidelines regarding the continuing effort to implement electronic health records across the country. Meanwhile, several feds who are in the thick of the ’health IT’ fight talked about their work at yesterday’s AFFIRM luncheon here in Washington.