• GSA gives agencies drop-dead date for Networx transition

    Agencies now have until Aug. 30 to hire a telecommunications provider. GSA and the carriers still are concerned that they will not have enough time to complete the transition by mid-2011. Interagency Management Council trying to increase the urgency of the need for agencies to move to Networx.

  • DISA’s plans for move from Va. to Md. on schedule

    The head of the Defense Information Systems Agency says its move from Arlington, Va., to Fort Meade in Maryland is on schedule.

  • Open Arms for Open Source

    Teamwork! That’s the idea behind a new partnership between the Defense Information Systems Agency and the Open Source Software Institute. The two groups have formed a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement. The agreement will pave…

  • Helping to Advance DISA’s IPv6 Mission

    A Virginia-based IT company has helped the Defense Information Systems Agency advance its goal for core network services. Command Information provided strategic planning and analysis for Ipv6 at DISA. Jeremy Duncan, Command Information’s Director of…

  • Defense Knowledge Online

    The Defense Information Systems Agency is meeting today to discuss what to do with the Defense Knowledge Online, or D-K-O, portal. DISA is developing a strategy for DKO as they face several challenges. FederalNewsRadio’s Jason…

  • DISA Looks to Expand UC Program

    ‘The holy grail of collaboration’ is how one expert describes the possible expansion of the Defense Information Systems Agency’s unified communications program. DISA wants to provide instant messaging, chat and Web conferencing services to millions…

  • A New Federal Job

    1:05: Presidential candidate Barack Obama says he’ll appoint a Chief Technology Officer if he’s elected President. Two experts with longtime government service in the IT industry talked about it: Roger Baker, former CIO at the…

  • Defense Information Systems Agency

    Richard Hale Chief Information Assurance Executive July 31st, 2008

  • Continuity of Operations Planning and Teleworking

    Originally Aired February 23th at 3:05pm