• Still protecting your data with 20-year-old security technology? Try this instead.

    Major breaches have created a sense of urgency around securing high-value assets (HVAs) in federal agencies. In May the Department of Homeland Security released binding operational directive (BOD) 18-02  requiring agencies to take new steps in identifying and mitigating the vulnerabilities in their own HVA systems. But agencies need to ask themselves first whether they have the right tools for the job.

  • Democratizing big data: How Brainspace can create citizen data scientists in less than a day

    As federal departments and agencies rush to catch up with the data train, figuring out how to collect and store as much data as they can, they need to be thinking about what comes next: how to use it.

  • Colocation or Cloud? The answer: Both

    When federal agencies formulate their data strategies and look to migrate workloads out of their own antiquated data centers, they’re faced with a conundrum: migrate to a colocation provider or public cloud? Which one helps an agency better accomplish its mission?

  • Complexity is the bane of security: Implementing a Zero Trust Security strategy

    National prosperity and security are reliant on a secure information environment. There are no activities, whether in the private or public sector, that are completely segregated from the IT infrastructure. So why do federal agencies continue to respond to emerging cybersecurity threats by adding layers to security strategies that rely on two decades old technology?

  • Securing migration and access for cloud applications

    In today’s IT landscape, the cloud migration journey can happen for a variety of reasons – financial, reliability, access to analytics tools, and scalability.