Unlock the data, transform your agency

  • Bionics, digital financial management opening agencies up to do more valuable work

    Demek Adams, a principal at Grant Thornton who leads the financial management practice, said agencies can jump on that bandwagon and improve not only their financial management, but their overall business processes and citizen services by making better use of the data.

  • How CIOs can be trusted leaders of transformation

    LaVerne Council, the national managing principal for Enterprise Technology Strategy and Innovation at Grant Thornton and a former Veterans Affairs Department CIO, said agency technology executives have to tackle their challenging roles by combining their mission goals with IT strategies based on data to build trust across the department.

  • To fight fraud, understand your risks, analyze your data

    Linda Miller, the fraud risk management practice lead for Grant Thornton, said agencies continue to struggle to identify how big of a problem fraud is for their programs, partly because program managers don’t think it’s their responsibility.

  • A path to deal with data chaos and avoid mission failure

    Aurpon Bhattacharya, a principal and Foundational Analytics Lead at Grant Thornton, said agencies can reduce the overwhelming feeling of managing and understanding the troves of data they own.