Insight of the Month

  • Cybersecurity Month 2019

    Being cyber smart is an ongoing battle for federal agencies and industry, not to mention the general public. The prevalence and sophistication of new technologies means individuals have to be more proactive when using devices or sharing personal information.
  • A New Approach in IT Modernization

    This month Federal News Network offers a series of report on the world of IT modernization in the federal government. Learn how new technologies, network systems and approaches are being used to help federal employees achieve their missions.
  • 5G Connected Government

    With the government’s increasing reliance on wireless technology, 5G, the next generation of connectivity, is expected to deliver greater speed and capacity. It could have a wide breadth of potential applications for government agencies.
  • Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning

    The President’s Management Agenda calls for modernizing IT process and deploying more digital services. This includes taking a look at artificial intelligence and machine learning.
  • Biometrics/Facial Recognition

    Biometrics and facial recognition can provide many benefits to federal agencies, but there are also potential drawbacks. Questions about their ethics can lead users down paths that can make citizens uncomfortable, but they're worth asking.
  • Digital Transformation

    IT modernization is constantly in flux, leaving federal agencies with the problem of large systems that need to be transformed in a rapidly changing environment. The traditional approach of code-based development requires a digital transformation.
  • Zero Trust

    The security concept of Zero Trust has quickly gained traction as not just a possibility, but a necessity for mitigating cybersecurity risks alongside IT modernization. The concept is simple in theory – no person or location should be trusted by default, even if they are inside the network perimeter.
  • Strategic Threat Intelligence

    Federal agencies faces challenges when developing intelligence systems to analyze and classify threats to IT, as well as plan strategies for the future.
  • Security Month

    Federal News Network takes an in-depth look at security across federal agencies and how cybersecurity mitigation is taking shape across the government.
  • Application Services

    Software development for commercial and federal websites has changed over the past five years. Today, commercial sites take advantage of the flexibility that application services provide and the federal government is taking advantage of these innovations as well.
  • Cybersecurity Month

    Ever since the OPM cyber breach, cybersecurity has been at or near the top of federal agencies’ priorities. Federal News Network caught up with some leaders in the field to find out what contractors, the military and other agencies are doing to protect their systems.
  • Open Systems

    Federal News Network takes a dive into how the federal government is using open systems to improve large federal IT projects and make interoperability faster, better, and cheaper.
  • Data and Analytics Month

    This month's Insight covers data and analytics, and how federal agencies can use them for the best results. Federal Monthly Insights are sponsored by General Dynamics Information Technology all August long.
  • Cloud Month

    Each week in June, hear stories of federal agencies' use of cloud, migration from legacy systems, security challenges and their advice for using the technology.
  • Managed Services

    More federal agencies are engaging with contractors for managed services due to the rapid maturation of cloud-hosted applications, more ubiquitous bandwidth and the greater need to manage costs.
  • IT Modernization

    Federal News Radio takes a closer look at the IT modernization efforts of agencies, including cloud, legacy systems and the effects of the Modernizing Government Technology Act.
  • Legacy Systems

    Federal News Radio looks at the federal legacy systems agencies are currently working to maintain, upgrade or replace, how they plan to do so, and how they're paying for it.
  • Cloud

    Federal News Radio looks at the full spectrum of federal efforts to transition from legacy systems to the cloud.
  • Identity Governance

    Federal New Radio takes a deep dive into how federal agencies are confronting and overcoming challenges related to identity governance.
  • DoD Cloud

    Federal News Radio takes a deep dive into the Defense Department's progress with adopting cloud computing: where it stands, and what's next for the DoD cloud.
  • IT Modernization 2017

    Federal News Radio explores how agencies are going about the process of IT modernization: what's working, what's not, and what's coming next?
  • Cybersecurity

    Ever since the OPM cyber breach, cybersecurity has been at or near the top of federal agencies' priorities. Federal News Radio caught up with some leaders in the field to find out what contractors, the military and other agencies are doing to protect their systems.
  • Training Cyber Workforce

    What are the governmentwide efforts to develop, train and align the federal cyber workforce? Federal News Radio explores these issues in interviews with U.S. Cyber Challenge, HHS, New America's Cybersecurity Initiative and NIST.
  • Insider Threat

    It's not just federal agencies that have to deal with insider threats. Federal News Radio looks at the problem from various angles and speaks with task forces and the private sector for a deeper understanding of the overall threat landscape.
  • Data Analytics

    Big data holds a lot of promise, from saving money to increased efficiency. Federal News Radio caught up with certain offices at Treasury, Office of the Comptroller of the Currency and the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration to learn how they are taking advantage of it.
  • Cybersecurity Automation

    The complexity of cybersecurity requires agencies to think differently about how its implemented. What can be automated? Federal News Radio has answers from the GSA, FDA and the National Cybersecurity and Communications Integration Center.
  • In Depth with the Justice Department

    The Justice Department's various components have varied missions and expectations. Federal News Radio goes in-depth with specific organizations on topics like OIG budgets, shadow IT at FBI, consolidating applications across DoJ, and improving FOIA compliance.
  • Identity & Access Management

    How do you control who gets to see what information?  The challenge has many different solutions. Federal News Radio learns a few tricks from DISA's solution to mobile CAC issues, what NIST and the Information Sharing Environment are planning for the future of digital identity management.
  • USPS and Its Future

    Federal News Radio looks at the U.S. Postal Service and how it moves forward.
  • Information Management

    Federal News Radio takes a deep dive this month into information management, sponsored by Iron Mountain.
  • Advances in Health Care

    Federal News Radio looks at ways agencies are supporting advances in health care - sponsored by Battelle.
  • Cyber Skills Training

    What are the innovative cyber skills employees need for the future? Find out what training solutions are available in Federal News Radio's Cyber Skills Training Month.
  • Security in Network Modernization

    What are agencies doing to protect their networks. Find out on Federal News Radio's Security in Network Modernization Month, sponsored by Brocade.
  • Mobility

    What are the big questions agencies have to answer as they move to greater mobility? Find out on Mobility Month, sponsored by Red River.
  • Enterprise IT

    Federal News Radio takes a deep dive this month into Enterprise IT, sponsored by Nutanix.
  • Cloud 2016

    Federal News Radio looks at the challenges facing government and industry as agencies move to the cloud. Cloud Month is sponsored by Booz Allen Hamilton.